Essure Problems Continue As More Women Have Procedure

I am always watching for news on the Essure sterilization procedure and how it is being marketed to women. This morning I ran across a disturbing article. There are so many more women that will be getting the Essure in the UK because it is now going to be covered.

Things is, as long as it is being candy-coated it will be sold. Women around the world are being told there is very little pain involved and there are no issues after the procedure. When the issues do begin the physicians will say that it is just the body “adjusting”. When the Essure Sterilization problems do not subside women are told that these problems did not happen in the clinical trials.

Here is the newest article I read this morning:

Essure is an innovative form of permanent contraception which is now being made available across the country on the NHS to all women who have completed their families. It had previously only been available privately or in very limited NHS clinics.

So, how exactly does this work?

Soft, flexible inserts are placed into the fallopian tubes which then work with the body to create a natural barrier that permanently prevents sperm from reaching the egg. In clinical trials, Essure has demonstrated that it is the most effective of all permanent contraception options (including vasectomies for men) in preventing unplanned pregnancy.


My question is, how do we as women get the word out there to help others? What are other ways we can let women know about the Essure problems?


Essure Problems and Survival- A Woman Gives Her Story


I had the Essure procedure done in Nov. 2011. The procedure was pretty simple and it seemed like a good solution.  A few days after procedure, I had some really weird pain and bleeding.  I went to the ER, took all kinds of tests and everything was normal.  They said to give it more time that my body was probably still getting used to the coils.

 A few more weeks went by and I started to experience cold/flu/allergy like syptoms.  Went to immediate care and all tests normal again.  Said it was just a viral infection & had to run its course.  Then I got to the point where I was so light headed & dizzy that I thought I was going to faint.  Went to ER again cause I thought I was having a stroke.  They did an EKG, CT scan, blood tests, etc.  All normal again.  My additional symptoms were weight gain, severe headaches (worse than I have ever had in my life), dizzy, light headed, foggy head, congested, nauseau,nickel taste etc.  Each month I had these same symptoms over and over.
Went to see an allergist, no known allergies.  In February, I had my HSG test which I failed. One tube not closed.  I mentioned these weird symptoms to my DR and asked about nickel allergy.  She said she didn’t think my symptoms sounded like classic nickel allergy symptoms. The coils were in place.  I started doing my own research and found your page and Essure problems facebook page.  Come to see that a lot of my symptoms were very similiar as other women.  I am 41 years old & never had any health issues.  All these strange symptoms started after Essure.  In early March I started to experience those same symptoms as listed previously in addition to this pain in my right side, burning sensation in my lower abdomen & this tingling sensation all over my body.  My whole body just had a sickly feeling & I felt like I was slowly being poisoned.
 I started to research nickel toxicity & thought maybe I was having a reaction to the nickel.  I went to see my primary care doctor to ask about the burning sensation.  I though for sure a UTI or bladder infection.  Took a urine test and more blood tests plus had a ultrasound and once again, everything normal.  Each week I kept keeping worse and worse.  I ended up writing my OB GYN a letter & broke down all my symptoms, all my tests and asked her to please remove the coils.  I even gave her the info for the Essure problems, Aphrodites forums and several other pages of women who have had the same problems.  My doctor got back to me a few days later after receiving my letter.  She contacted some specialized surgeons & told them the problems I was having with Essure and how she could remove them.  I was her first patient to have problems with Essure as she has done many procedures.  She also asked them about my symptoms and they said, yes, that my symptoms could be nickel sensitivity from implants.
She did not hesitate to take them out for me.  She told me exactly what she was going to do.  She was able to remove the coils & my tubes (since I don’t want kids anyway) using the Da Vinci robot surgery.  I am sore and tired which is to be expected.  I no longer have the nickel taste, nauseau or foggy head feelings.  Everyone keeps telling me that each day I will feel better since those are out.  I am thankful to have such a wonderful doctor and happy that if there are other women that have trouble, I can hopefully refer them to my doctor.
Shannon H.

Essure Sterilization Will Continue To Be Promoted

Going through the news alerts I found this newest article released today. This just goes to show that Essure will continue to be promoted and sold. The thing is that they are still not listing the potential side effects. This is not the first time I have read that the company will be promoting the  sales. For further reading here is the article:–23238.html.

Are Essure Sales Dropping?

“We have experienced positive year-over-year domestic growth for three consecutive months starting with September, which we primarily attribute to improving OB/GYN patient visits and early success with our direct-to-consumer advertising campaign,” said Gregory Lichtwardt, chief financial officer of Conceptus. “However, U.S. sales growth in November was lower than we had projected and we have decided to defer the regular annual announcement of a price increase for next year which we anticipate may change our customers’ historical December buying practices. Further, the continuing deterioration in the European economic environment has resulted in increased softness in procedure volumes in France and Spain, which are our two largest overseas markets. While we remain bullish about the long-term Essure business, we believe it is prudent to adjust our 2011 net sales guidance at this time.”

To read more visit:

Conceptus(R) Updates 2011 Financial Guidance


What are your thoughts on this?

Newest Essure Report Released

“This 10-year global study explores the commercial use of Essure by approximately 500,000 women. The new data tracks closely with Essure’s clinical effectiveness rate of 99.8% based on four years of follow-up with zero pregnancies reported in clinical trials. “

Essure Report

Essure Problems and Women

Courtesy of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center

The reason this site was started is because of all the women that have responded to a previous post that I wrote, Essure Problems Continue Among Women. It seems the number of women having problems due to the Essure sterilization is growing. What is remarkable is that many women are experiencing the same exact problems.

Many are having pains, terrible periods and night sweats. These are the same women that are trying to convince their physicians that there is something terribly wrong. They are trying to be heard and many are not getting anywhere. They are living a nightmare because they wanted to do the right thing. They chose a permanent form of birth control and thought things would be fine.

In my years of writing I have had the opportunity to learn many things. I have learned that there are people suffering but I have also learned that there are caring physicians. There are people in the medical field that will listen, it just seems that they are harder to find.

There are many problems with the Essure procedure. Women are speaking out to help save others from having to go through the same thing. Women are having health issues that are affecting their daily lives. Going from healthy vibrant women to women that are in constant pain is not something they expected.

If nothing else, I want this website to be a place where women and their families can discuss how the Essure has changed their lives. Women are strong and very well-known for helping others. I strive to be able to give women a place where they can tell their stories and not have to worry about others saying it is in their heads.

Stay tuned for Essure reversal videos.


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