Essure Problems and Women

Courtesy of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center

The reason this site was started is because of all the women that have responded to a previous post that I wrote, Essure Problems Continue Among Women. It seems the number of women having problems due to the Essure sterilization is growing. What is remarkable is that many women are experiencing the same exact problems.

Many are having pains, terrible periods and night sweats. These are the same women that are trying to convince their physicians that there is something terribly wrong. They are trying to be heard and many are not getting anywhere. They are living a nightmare because they wanted to do the right thing. They chose a permanent form of birth control and thought things would be fine.

In my years of writing I have had the opportunity to learn many things. I have learned that there are people suffering but I have also learned that there are caring physicians. There are people in the medical field that will listen, it just seems that they are harder to find.

There are many problems with the Essure procedure. Women are speaking out to help save others from having to go through the same thing. Women are having health issues that are affecting their daily lives. Going from healthy vibrant women to women that are in constant pain is not something they expected.

If nothing else, I want this website to be a place where women and their families can discuss how the Essure has changed their lives. Women are strong and very well-known for helping others. I strive to be able to give women a place where they can tell their stories and not have to worry about others saying it is in their heads.

Stay tuned for Essure reversal videos.

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A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing.

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  1. Melissa

    I love this now maybe the women that are having these problems can get the help that is needed.

    • vervilledeb1

      Thanks, Melissa. I am hoping this will help make a difference! Any ideas on anything I can add please let me know. :)


    • dee

      i had the essure procedure done in 2010 and ended up pregnant 6 months later with my 3rd child! the coils only bother me on my right side. the pain isn’t that bad, but its there. when i get my period is when my side get’s the worst. other then all that it’s ok! i wouldn’t tell anyone else to get it!

      • tammie

        I to had the essure procedure done on 10/31/12 i have been in pain ever since, the first three days after, i spent in the hosp’ with excruting pain and was told it was all in my head. im still in pain but only on my right side, when i have my period it is worse. Ladies i advise to never have the essure procedure done.

      • Jessica

        I went to gyn and we had our formal talk about removing the 6-8 weeks (I hope) I will have the surgery. I am waiting for a date from my dr. My gyn (woman) has never removed these coils before. There are only 2 other physicians in my area that she is aware of that has removed the coils for 2 other women. I love my dr and I trust her, and I am going to be a guinea pig, however, my goal is to pave the way for other women in my area, or in her practice that may need to have them removed. She needs the experience and I need them out. I will keep you all posted. She is not 100% positive it’s the coils..she knows how firmly I believe it is. She asked, “what if you have the surgery and you still have the pain and other problems”? I said “I guess I will stop bitching and live like this for the rest of my life” ..My only hope is to feel better, enjoy my life again, get out of this hole I am in (emotionally & physically) and help any other woman out there. I tell strangers, friends, neighbors, ultrasound techs NOT to get the essure. I explain my story and they have NO IDEA of the pain and struggles we all have to endure daily.

    • Jill

      Hi my name is Jill I got the essure prcedure done in 2009 2 years after my 4th child was born and since then I have had cysts in my ovaries,and for the past 6 months my periods have been anywhere from 7 to 18 days late. My doctors keep telling me its normal, but before i got the procedure done i was pretty regular. Now here I am again and my period is 12 days late. I have a doctor appt. tuesday I dont know what to do.

  2. tremeka brown

    I have had essure for 2 years and every day is pain and many other side effects that has made me regret this decision I have made for me and my family. If I can get them safely remove, I will asap!

    • vervilledeb1


      The coils can be removed. There are surgeons that are able to remove them without having to have a full hysterectomy.


      • Jessica

        How are you feeling now that the coils have been removed? I am constantly in pain, lower back with sharp shooting pains on the left and or right side where my ovaries are. I am constantly telling my husband my ovaries ache..I think I am allergic to the nickel. I was also hospitalized for 5 days directly after having the essure put in. I was in excruting pain and I can’t even talk about it with out crying. 5 days in the hospital and they think it was an infection from the essure. DO NOT GET THE ESSURE LADIES! YOU WILL REGRET IT. Damn, the depo shot is a cake walk compared to the essure! (depo is bad 2!!)

      • Denise

        Where do you live, because I really want mine removed but have yet to find a doctor

  3. Injured

    I also have been a victim of this procedure. First, the procedure was probably not needed due to my age. Second, I went to the dr for excessive bleeding. I wound up with the essure procedure. I wasn’t told by my dr about the HSG test nor was I informed that the metal coils contained nickel. I had to have the metal coils removed shortly after placement. I continued to experience pain for the next several years. I had several transvaginal ultrasounds which several of techs said that metal wouldn’t show but this seemed to be the only test the drs wanted to do. I had some CT scans which showed no problems. I was told that my continued pain was likely due to scar tissue from prior surgeries, the damage from the metal coils & the surgery to remove them. Drs recommended against further surgery. The thought was that if I developed that much scar tissue then even if they went in & removed it that scar tissue would likely form again. I was treated with all sorts of medications. The pain continued. There was some thought that hormone therapy would help. I took progesterone for a long time. It had all sorts of terrible side effects. Recently I opted for surgery again because I couldn’t take it anymore. The pain was ruling my life. The medications were affecting me physically & emotionally. Surprise, surprise another metal coil was found. It was not supposed to be there. There are other reports of more than one metal coil being placed into a fallopian tube. There is even a report in the maude fda database from way back where a dr put three metal coils into each fallopian tube. Poor woman. This is not the piece of cake birthcontrol option they portray it to be. There have been more than one that has raved about this procedure only to find out later that the procedure did not work and/or that the metal coils migrated to some other part of the body. There are too many IF’s with this procedure. If they can place them, if they stay in place & if the tubes occlude. There are documented cases of women who have had the HSG test & at some point later the metal coils migrated.

    I believe they are getting away with the claims they make because drs aren’t reporting the problems to the FDA. You can make your own report. Simply google the fda adverse event reporting form for medical devices. Some women who have had problems or become pregnant aren’t counted as failures because they did not have the required follow up HSG test. Sometimes the company claims that the dr or the radiologist did not read the HSG test correctly & if all of that fails then they can simply claim that nothing is 100%.

    Ladies the metal coils contain nickel which is listed as a carcinogen. Just because they haven’t directly linked the nickel to causing women cancer yet doesn’t mean that it is not going to happen. You think you are gettting away from cancer causing hormones when in reality you have placed into your body a potential ticking time bomb. They can & do come out of place. Nickel is a carcinogen. No one can dispute that fact. Probably one of the most difficult part of the whole ordeal is that if you do experience problems it is very difficult to get help. Most drs don’t know what to do. Most drs don’t want to admit there could be a problem due to I think they are afraid that somehow they may have done something wrong. Another really bad problem is that it seems the drs are getting huge incentives to do this procedure. Just my opinion but any dr who would agree to do a certain amount of procedures per year for the free incentives does not have his/hers patients best interests in mind. They only have $$$$ signs. I believe that I was a victim of this procedure due to the fact that my dr needed to make quota. I’ve read posts where a dr won’t do a standard tubal because of the woman being too young but they will do the essure procedure on them. That should also be a big clue that the dr is not looking out for the patient.

    I would never recommend this procedure to anyone. I don’t understand those that will argue with the ladies who have had problems on the forums. I believe some of the positive posts are actually company reps trying to counter act the negative posts. My opinion is that most would women would report a favorable result but wouldn’t argue with the women who have had negative experiences. Go to the forums. They are full of women with problems. Most all of us have one thing in common & that is our drs refuse to even entertain the idea that the essure metal coils could be the problem.

    • Robin Beltrami

      I just had my essure coils removed due to tremendous pain in my left tube. My gp wanted an ultrasound which showed nothing. Why the hell didn’t she demand an X-ray, which my surgeon wanted? It showed the left coil was bent into a y, and when she went in to remove it it disintegrated and they had to search for all the pieces including going in vaginally. Is this a court case???? Why the hell would a stainless steel coil disintegrate, or even bend in the first place? I’m mad as hell and they had to cut out my tubes and then go in vaginally to find each little piece. Had I waited one more month it probably would have disitnegrated all by itself and I’d be hospitalized for a much more serious surgery. As it was, it was a lot worse than just ‘essure removal’!!!!!

      • ashley

        Who removed urs im having alot of pain im only 24 yrs old n how much Did it cost u? I need mine removed asap….

      • k

        This can happen upon removal. You should have an xray to make sure there aren’t pieces left behind. I has mine removed w tubes. An xray was done in OR to be sure nothing was left behind for this reason. Visit Facebook pg Essure Problems. It is the most wonderful site for info, support. I strongly suggest it. You will be asked to join but readily accepted.

      • Jen Lauer

        I ended up with a hysterectomy. After surgery, a coil “went missing” and perffed the tube. I had massive pain and I saw a different gyn. When he went in, he found the coil in various pieces, imbedded in my uteran wall. He thinks it was all removed.

    • Heather

      I also have the essure and I have all the pain and my cycles haven’t been right ever since I have had it. I am going on 6 years of me trying to tell a doctor that I haven’t felt right since they put these in and I want them out. I have the pains in my right and left side that when they check for them there is nothing there. It is am ongoing thing and I regret this so much. I also was just told by my new doctor that I have pmdd and I asked can this be cause from the essure and she said yes and she was going to look for away to get them outta me. I hope there is a change when they come out.

      • Cynthia

        HI Heather i also have da essure and i having problem too i got this precedure done because i was in a abusive relationship so i didnt wont to have more kids by that guy i thought da essure was da best opyion for me and for 3 years now its been hell i so regret this desicion the doctor are so quickly to put these coils in side of you but they charge you a arm and a leg to take them out thats not rite this essure is taking over my life and i hate it i dont know what to do if you know of any doctor who can take them out for me can you post back on your wall because i cry every day cause im in so much pain

      • k

        Ladies, please visit a site as well called Essure Problems. It is on Facebook. It is a wonderful active group. It is private so you have to ask for the invite but will be accepted. Make sure you only go to that exact group. There are over 1500 members. We are working actively for the demise of this ptoduct

      • I was told that mine have migrated to the top middle of my uterus. did your new doc look everywhere or just in the tubes?

    • tammy dunlap

      My dr is doing the same thing lookin at me lije im a fool to even think it could be the essure I recently started having a number of problems I would love to talk to someone else beside the dr that placed the essure in me

      • Brianna

        I finally went to the Dr. I complained about all the pain. He ran some tests and it turns out I developed endometriosis and metroptosis. In a few weeks I will be having a hysterectomy. Fun….

      • Bridget

        my daughter is on 22 years old and had this porcedure done..She has been soo ill since.constant bleeding cloting severe pain. I had no idea this is was causing her all these problem, now at 22 with no family history she has a thyriod problem..

  4. vervilledeb1


    Thanks so much for sharing this. Not only is it informative but educational. Just having a place that women and couples can read about this from women that are actually experiencing it is huge. Again, I thank you for taking the time to write and post this.


  5. erin

    I had my Essure procedure done in September 2009. The procedure itself was not that bad. Except for some cramping and bleedig that went away within a few days. I did notice that my periods did change. They seemed to have gotten heavier and erractic. I usually am every 33 days. Now I can go every 20 days to 48 days.

    Flash foward last month I was 3 weeks and 4 days late for my period, if i went by my regular 33 days. I bled for 2 days light spotting and it stopped. I’ve had lower back ache, dizziness, headaches, breast swollen, tenderness, cramping, all those things that I had when I was pregnant. (I have 2 children) Last night i took a pregnancy test, and I had a faint positive line through my test. I am not sure if its positive, the 2nd one i took this morning was a half positive kind of like a t. I have called my dr, and waiting for a call back. Im so worried its going to be ecotopic and burst in me. :-( if i am. This certainly has thrown me through a loop.

    • vervilledeb1


      Wow, I can’t even imagine seeing a faint positive. Let me just say that if you are indeed pregnant there are others that have been pregnant and not go ectopic. Until you get the final word from the physician be sure you know the signs of ectopic pregnancy. If you get pain and suspect ectopic…go straight to the emergency room and do not wait for pain to get worse. I do not want to scare you but I want you to be safe.


      • erin

        The nurse called me back. I went to the lab for the blood test,I have to call back tomorrow for the results. Im just so upset because I got this done for a reason; while I know no birth control is 100% effective; the doctor made me feel like I would never have to worry about being pregnant again, or worry about contraceptive.Now what Im going to have to be on the pill and have these implants in me too? I’ll be calm tomorrow, when I know the results. Its going to be a lonnngg night thats for sure! Thank you for the reply :-)

    • steph-love

      I have had essure since MAY 2009, when my last child was born. I had the die test, everything was supposed to be a success! I became pregnant the 1st time last June 2011 , found out on Fathers Day! I had a period the whole time nothing unusual. I became very sick wich sent me to the er, were they took pt. And that was that. took ultra sound doc didn’t see anything wrong gave me a shot to terminate pregnancy and sent me on my I’m pregnant a 2nd time with the essure! My cycle was a few days late, nipples soar, sick, neck showder, back pain, sharp pain on my right vaginal area! I no longer have insurance so I don’t know what to do ! Estimate I am about 5-6 weeks. I’m so tired of all the problems with this product. I feel like I was used , astupid atest dummy! If I’m pregnant in my tubes I can die ! I’m sooooo scared! No answers from anyonme! I have 4 kids. 20,15,11, & 3. They need me. I was tricked into trying something that avmadentley

    • tt

      A co worker of mine had a baby of pressure and everything went fine.

  6. vervilledeb1


    I have to agree with you. If I was waiting for the results it would be a long night for me too! Not much you can do about it tonight, but I am sure your mind is going a thousand miles an hour.

  7. Melanie

    Hello, Ladies
    I need some advice I had essure procedure back in June after baby was born in april. I am in pain. I have cramps, bleeding,sitting down hurts, carrying baby, or lifting baby i have pain intercouse hurts so bad!! I have met with my DR who has done an ultra sound and cant tell where the coils are. Now my Dr wants me to go in this Weds nov 23 and have surgery through bellie button to see whats wong. we have asked what it is, and she said dont know. should I let her go in and see. she said sometimes the coils spit themsleves out of tubes. if they have done this she will remove essure. should i let them go inside, without having a game plan?? any help or advice would help. thanks mel

    • vervilledeb1


      I am so sorry that I did not see this post! It sounds as though the physician just wanted to have a look. The good thing is the physician is aware that coils can be dislodged (of course not good for the patient if this happens). How did you make out? Hopefully the physician will find the source of this pain.


  8. Danielle

    I got my Essure procedure done after my 3rd daughter was born. Before then I have never had any problems with my pelvic area. In August 2008 I got the procedure done, no problems, mild cramping which i know is normal, and by that night (like the brochure said might be possible) I was up and walking around going to stores. I thought it was so great that this was around. When I did the test to make sure they were blocked,it was painful,but they were blocked and everything was fine. Feb 2009, 6 months after Essure I started getting really bad pains in my lower right abdomen. Thinking it was maybe my appendix I went into the ER only to be told I have PID. I have never heard of it before so I go home and do research and learn that it is mostly caused by an STD. I am married and have not been unfaithful to my husband nor has my husband been unfaithful to me. Went to my OBGYN the next day and they insisted my husband has been cheating on me and did an STD test and of course they came back negative so they chalked it up as PID from an unknown cause. I got antibiotics and after two weeks felt better. 3 months went by and the pain came back. Back to the OBGYN i went and once again PID from an unknown cause. I mentioned that this has never happened before the Essure and the dr nearly laughed at me and said there was no way this could be related. So since then I have had 4 different doctors and reoccuring PID and Ovarian cysts. Very painful decent sized ovarian cysts. Many tests for cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) went to a GI specialist and everything has come back normal. Found this new DR after having 3 ack to back ovarian cyst which delayed my period. She has done her own tests which have all came back normal. Last week I went in and she diagnosed me with PID. I was crying cause I am so fed up with this and she finally said the words I have been dying to hear. “Maybe it is from the Essure” I could not stop crying I was so relieved. She is going to do an MRI, exploratory laprascopic surgery to see if maybe there might be something else but I might have possibly found the reason why I have been in so much pain for these past 3 years. Please keep your hopes up and listen to your gut feeling. If something else was found to be the cause I will update. But for 3 months many of my friends and family have said that this was the cause of my pain and my own self telling me that this has to be it but every other doctor i have had told me there was no way that the Essure procedure could be the cause of it. I just hope that this is it.. I cant handle much more..

    • Injured

      Danielle, So many us of who have had problems were faced with drs who would not even consider that the essure metal coils could be the problem. It is disturbing to know that the drs won’t even consider it even though most women didn’t have those sorts of problems until placement of the metal coils. There are many forums that have posts from women who have had problems. Aphrodites forums, facebook essure problems & even facebook essure permanent birthcontrol page. I suggest printing some of those stories & taking them to your dr. I must warn you there are many posts. The pro essure people seem to argue with those who have had problems but in my opinion I believe some of those posters may be actually affliated with the company somehow. Keep us updated. If you need help finding a dr in your area let us know. Sometimes other women can tell you where they received their help. Take care & I will be thinking of you.

      • Cliana

        I have left several posts and wanted to know if anyone has been able to find anything out about lawsuits regarding Essure. I have talked to several friends that think I may have a lawsuit, I am not one of those people that is sue happy and up until now I liked my Ob/gyn. I just need to know if anyone has been able to find an attorney willing to take the case.

      • Theres one in Pennsylvania but I called them and they never called back. Im going to get something started if you want to email me. I need some girls to go in with me.

    • Danielle

      Your story hits so close to home for me..I went to the er and they told me I would be treated for a STD because it took three days to get the result and they wud just treat me now…being with the same partner for 10 years and married 6m prior I was devestTed..when he got tested and came back clean he suggested the proceedure..I live daily bleeding heavily pain headaches blah blah blah…I have a appt Monday

  9. Roxanne

    I had the essure done, in January, was having problems from June to September, and found another doctor. The first day I saw that new doctor, he told me up front that it could be due to the essure. Well, a follow up internal ultrasound showed that one of the springs came loose and attached to my uterus. Now I am a uterus, 2 tubes and a cervix short these days. I am also missing an ovary but that is due to another issue. I want the doctors affiliated with this company, and the company taken down.
    I was done having children, but I did not have an option with the hysterectomy because of these springs that on some sites, are raved about. This should not even be an option. I have much more to say, but very little time right now. I hope everyone’s problems are fixed and we are all compensated, at the very least, for our pain and suffering.

  10. Cathy Mock

    It is sad that i did not read these articles before having the procedure done. I had them done a few months a go but just found out i am pregnant my little one is not even a year yet. I wander why the Doctor did not tell me of all the side effects

    • jaci

      I am going through the same thing my baby is 10 months. I had the procedure a few weeks after he was born. I just found out i am 6 weeks pregnant with my 6th baby!! All my dr. can say is I’m sorry! I dont know what to do. I want to do a lawsuit but i dont know who to contact for that

  11. TL

    I am glad that I had the essure procedure done and have not had any problems with it. You know a lot of you are blaming the procedure but alot has to do with the doctor that inserted them, maybe your doctor placed them impoperly.

    • injured

      I’m happy for you. Have a Merry Christmas!

      • Cliana

        Thursday. I had to hzvd a hysterectomy, all because if the heavy bleeding I was having due to polyps I was supposed to have a standard D & C but my doctor ended up perforating my uterus, I have been having severe bleeding from my abdominal scar I was supposed go home today but I may have a hematoma and I have to keep a sand bag on my abdomen to push th blood out, I am in total pain and i feel like nobody can relate to what I zm going through… Does any know how I can get a good med-Mal atty?

    • LaTasha

      You are one of the lucky ones out of the tens of thousands of women that do have problems. I had mine done in 2009 and everything was fine at FIRST. I started having problems two years later. Heavy periods with large blood clots, severe cramping almost every other day, pain in my lower abdomen, bloating, md-cycle spotting and light bleeding, back problems, and it hurts like hell when I have sex. These are symptoms I never had before the procedure and I’m not going to let anyone tell me anything different. I was told I need a hysterectomy by my first gyne, but I’m going to the dr next week to get a second opinion. I wouldn’t recommend this procedure to anyone.

    • whymeSc

      You shouldn’t be on this site!! Happy ur procedure worked out for you.. There are many of us who are in so much pain. Yea i blame essure and the makers of the crap and my dr. More than likely u work for the bastards. Have a nice life pain free unlike alot of us who weren’t so “lucky”.

      • LaTasha

        YOU can’t speak for everyone and yet I blame the PROCEDURE. Mine was done over four years ago and I too thought it was the best thing in the world until the last 12 months. So, yipee for you!!! We all have a lot in common and are having the same problems and it can’t be that all our doctors are placing them incorrectly, duh!!! It’s ESSURE, ESSURE, and ESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • whymeSc

        LaTasha she has no clue how we feel. Willing to bet she works for them.. Thats why i say she shouldnt even be commenting on the topic..

      • whymeSc

        Sorry i meant to reply to that TL person. Im In the same boat as alot with essure problems.

  12. I my self would never wish this procedure on my worst enemy! I had the Essure procedure done in march of 2008 after my 4th child was born. It was a out patient surgery where they put me to sleep the whole thing was quick and easy I went home with minor bleeding and minor cramps like i was told would happen all in all i was happy after the procedure. After about two days i had no more cramping and was fine to do as i pleased it was great. The doctors told me to call back in three months to have the second procedure done to see if it all worked , When i called to schedule the appointment the nurse told me that my insurance was no longer working and was informed then that the Medicaid i was on only worked for two months after i had the baby. There for I would not be able to have the second procedure done unless i payed for it myself. I at the time did not have the money for that kind of procedure I called back several more time asking to speak with my doctor and was denied they just kept telling me i no longer had insurance and there was nothing more they could do for me. So i said fine I feel great so everything MUST be good. Time went on and about 6 months post Essure procedure I started having issues with my period I started bleeding really heavy and then my periods got longer lasting two weeks then three weeks. About 9 months post I started passing clots and getting light headed and about a week and a half into my period I passed a clot the size of a soft ball and then just about passed out on the bathroom floor. My husband took me to the nearest hospital where they told me had i waited any longer and i would have needed a blood transfusion and it would have been a medical emergency and they would have went in and removed the implants but since it wasn’t a medical emergency they couldn’t go in and remove them. The ER doctor had never herd of Essure before and did some research while i waited and told me the implants are made of nickel which i was not aware of had i know i would have never done the procedure as i am allergic to nickel! They put me on iron supplements and something else i don’t Quiet remember then sent me on my way telling me to go see my obgyn. After the ER visit the bleeding started to slowly subside (no more clots) YAY! Well in October of 2010 I started having night sweats and body aches and and just all around not feeling well so i went to a quick care for a checkup and they lady there asked me if there was any chance I could have been pregnant. I laughed and told her no and explained i was sterilized for having the Essure procedure! She promptly asked me what that was as she had never heard of it, so i explained and we joked about how i had 4 children and DID NOT want anymore! she left the room and returned about 20 mins later apologizing as she entered the room saying she promised she wasnt lying and again she was sorry to inform me that I was in fact pregnant! After my crying session she informed me that i need to go right to the ER and have an ultra sound done to find out if it was an ectopic pregnancy or not! My husband quickly rushed me to the ER where then I had to explain again what Essure was to Every person Doctor and nurse who came in my room. I soon found out It was not ectopic and was in my uterus and a health pregnancy! I thought my world was never going to stop spinning. They told me there that i was about 6 weeks along and it would be a great time to have an abortion if thats what i wanted! Well of course I did not want an abortion just because i didn’t want to get pregnant again did not mean i wanted to kill my own child. I now had to find a new obgyn and was refused service from 5 different Obgyns because i was high risk due to the essure implants I finally found an obgyn who offered to take me by then i was 6 months along they did all kinds of tests to find out where the essure implants were only to find out they were in my uterus with the baby(how scary is that) well the pregnancy went along as great as it could be with all that information! My daughter was born almost a month late and only 6 pounds on August 4th 2011. I was told that after she was born they would give me a tubal ligation which they did and as of now i still have the Essure implants in my uterus and there they will stay intill they become a life threatening situation as no one wants anything to do with my Essure implants! If a woman want to not have children she should go with the old fashioned tubal ligation!

    • erin

      I agree with you. Everytime I mention the Essure procedure people look at me like im an alien; EVEN DOCTORS. They never heard of it. I’m not pregnant but after no period i finally got one and it was horrible I thought I was bleeding to death. The doctor gave me hormone pills to lighten bleddingl. I have no clue what is going on with my body. I never had a problem before. Im 28, when i saw dr for yearly he told me it could be early menopause. So ill keep trucking along, but Ill tell you one good thing about my dr he made sure i wasnt allergic to nickel before he did; or he said he did. I think it was like an allergen test.

      • Well thats good he did an allergen test on you! I wish that were the case with me! ^_^ Im glad to hear your not pregnant. How long have you been on hormone pills? I dont think that could be to good for you being on them for too long! Ohh I know when you say Essure to doctors they look at you like your crazy and when you say you think your problems are caused from the Essure they are quick to say that there is no way those problem are caused from that!

    • Cliana

      How about your husband having a vasectomy? I had the Essure procedure done and wish I would have made my husband have a vasectomy, I went in to surgery today for a D&C due to polyps and fibroids, my doctor perforated my uterus and now I may have to have a hysterectomy. I wish I would have researched the Essure procedure before I had it done. My Doctor actually convinced me that Essure was less invasive than a vasectomy. If anyone can help me find an OB that may listen to my concerns I would appreciate it.

      • I had the proceedure in 2006. i didnt really have sever pain like most of you here seem to have. i moved to west virgina two years ago. no one here knew what it was. like they didnt believe me. i started taking the depo shot even tho i had the inserts. it controlled the sever bleeding and most of the cramps. I had my gull bladder removed a month after the essure and the problems i was having i was told were from the gull bladder. the pain high in my stomach were ghost pains from the gull bladder. the constant diarrhea gull bladder. pain during and after sex gull bladder. it was only when i went in to have an eblasion done to stop the periods and the shots every three months that my new doctor found that the springs had migrated to my uterus. he is unsure how to remove them but says he is researching and asking people whom he knows. since the almost eblasion preceedure and the d&c that was done during, i have been having major cramps in the middle of my stomach. Does anyone else have pink cresents in and over top the white cresents of their finger nails and the very tip of the finger just before the nail extends out? i was told that this was a sign of metal poisining. as well as the joint pain and the fibramialgia may be caused by the metal as well.
        as far as an ob goes, if you live near wv then i have a great one for you. if you are in ohio i can tell you at least one not to go see.

    • Well I went to my OBGYN about my problems again and he told me non of my problems are from the essure, because the essure are to microscopic to do any damage or problems and wouldn’t say any more about the essure. Then he tells me I need a hysterectomy and I need to do it Wednesday January 27th. Because my uterus has prolapsed that’s what all of my problems are so either way I don’t think they are in me any more, well at least one of them we will have to do another x-ray to be sure. So as of now im three weeks post op. and im feeling great im just hurt this all has happened!

      • Cliana

        I hope you are feeling better, I had a hysterectomy and told my dr to remove the coils he said he couldn’t find them so I guess they are still in there, recovery is really hard when you have 3 kids to take care of, I can’t even tell you how many times my 2 yr old boy has punched me in the abdomen since I have been trying to recover he is do rough and I feel the same as when I first got out of the hospital doesn’t feel like I am getting better yet.

  13. Danielle

    I am so thankful for your article.. I am hoping I can finally get some where with this…has anyone experienced a infection from this procedure…I went to the er with severe lower and adominal pain I have been bleeding since mid July..I was told I had a possible STD..I have been with the same man since 2000. This was devastating. When his results came back negative he questioned the procedure.. As of today I am in constant pain bleeding constantly and very fatigue.. Can we get them removed? Will it help? I feel relieved that I may be taken seriously now. Thank you

    • Hi Danielle, Have you had an x-ray to see where they are at? All that bleeding could be from them migrating somewhere else in your body. I DO NOT believe you have an STD or any other problem than the Essure (now im not a doctor ) but I have been through this! When did you get the procedure done? Yes you can have them removed but from the research I have done most people end up with almost everything that the essure has touched removed along with the essure. I to this day still have issues with my essure like doing sit ups or if i turn wrong or if i stretch to far when yawning i get sever sharp pains in my stomach but i just grit my teeth and bare it and the pain passes and then i go about my day.
      My new Obgyn wants me to have exploratory surgery to have everything looked at but I dont have the money for the deductible with my insurance. Maybe after tax season! Ohh I have never had an infection from this that i know of I kind of wish i had maybe someone would take me a little more seriously!

  14. jill ortmann

    I started to look into reversal for the possibility of having another child but after reading some story’s on here I’m starting to relize I may havesome problems that I was just ignoring due to the fact I have no insurance anymore and I avoid doctor’s if I can. My problems are much heaver periods that I ever had my sex drive is gone (I’m only28) my breast hurt every day and what I was thinking was a back problem sounds like every other women’s issue (shooting pains and numbness). I found a Dr. In NC who does the surgery for 6900 but that’s out of pocket and not covered by any insurance company. I cant understand this cause it was covered to put in. All I can say is please help.

  15. Roxanne

    Sounds exactly like what was going on with me. Turns out the spring came out and attached to my uterus. In ohio, some medical bills are covered by hospitals, maybe you should check that out.

    • So is it still in your uterus? what are the planes for removing it. Just wondering as the same thing has happened with me. I have an appointment tuesday to talk more about what can be done and im scared! I have seen storys where they have to remove everything and im only 26 so.. yeah that worries me. Any input is greatly appreciated! ^_^

      • Catina

        At my consultation….I was told options are removal and putting them in again via hospital knocked out or Dr’s office not knocked out, with no guaranty it wont go in uterus again. Or it can be removed and get tubal ligation. And last option was coils removed and start monthly birth control again.

  16. Catina

    I had the essure done in Sept 2011. I called my Dr’s office a few times to complain about cramps and bleeding. They said it was normal. At my 3 month appointment, xrays showed my essure coil on left side is now in my uterus. Im on viccodin for pain and on Jan23rd I have to have surgery to remove coils and get a tubal ligation. How does a single mom of a completely disabled 18month old child hear she will be bed ridden for 3-5 days? The essure was supposed be quick and painless. LIES!!! 3 months of hell, and proceedure to put in essure was more painful than I was told.

  17. Char

    I had the Essure done in Jun ’10, a few months after the birth of my 5th child. I, unlike most women here, did not have any issues from the Essure such as cramping, bleeding, pain, etc and I thought that I would have no problem recommending this to other women. However, I am now 7 weeks pregnant despite the fact that I had 2 HSG’s, the last one showing 100% occlusion. I see my OB (the one who did the procedure) tomorrow. This is all very disappointing to say the least. I wish all the women that are having pain and ill effects some relief and some sort of justice.

    • injured

      I’m so sorry that it didn’t work for you. I strongly urge you to make a report the maude FDA database. The metal coils can & do come out of place. They are able to keep touting their effectiveness due to drs not making the reports as they are supposed to. They also do not consider it a product failure if the woman doesn’t have the follow up test & she becomes pregnant or the metal coils migrate. If you need help making the report just let us know & we will try to help you. The FDA didn’t exactly make it that user friendly.

      • Cliana

        Can you please tell me where to make a report about Essure problems with th FDA?

      • Elizabeth

        Google FDA and their website comes up, you can call which is easier or you can go to report an Medical Device Event. The website is not easy to manipulate so I called.

      • whymeSc

        Hi. Ive been trying to file the complaint on the fda website and not having any luck. I call and get the run around.. its frustrating..

      • Injured

        go to Essure Problems facebook page, you have to request to join but they have info on how to file. Also check out It has been set up by Erin Brockovich. There is a petition you can sign & you can also tell your story on her site.

    • jaci

      I’m going through this same exact thing. And while its disapointing that this has happened I am still looking at the baby as a miracle. Everything happends for a reason. I want justice

  18. Elizabeth

    I had the Essure coils done after my 4th child in Jan 2010. I had the follow-up dye test and was 100% blockage. Four months later I had a miscarriage. My doctor did not seem to concerned nothing is 100% percent effective. Well started having more pain and cramping and periods were just awful. Well got pregnant again and again miscarried. Now there is constant pain on the left side. I have changed doctors and she sent me in for x-rays and one of the coils has migrated to the left side and may be broken as well. I have surgery scheduled for Feb 6th. The game plan is to safely remove the coil if they can find it and then to remove my tubes to prevent pregnancy. My doctor is not too confident about removing them and is worried when she gets in there it is going to be worse and my result in a complete hysteroctomy! I am so angry with this company, I hate having these things in my body and feel like they are constantly making me sick! I really just want justice and have these taken of the market so other women are aware of the problems. As I am 40 and have 4 children a hysteroctomy was not what I had in mind and feel robbed! I have contacted Conceptus the company that makes the Essure coils and they have contacted my doctor as well to get more information so they can better understand. Have a voice, report to the FDA or Essure!

  19. Jennifer C

    On Sept 23 of 2011 I went into my Drs office for the Essure procedure. When I woke up they told me that due to me being mobile under the sedation that it was not able to be performed. A few weeks later I had the Adiana done under general at the hospital with no ill effects. On Jan 3rd of 2012 I went in to have my HSG done and my Adiana was confirmed to have worked. The Radiologist also commented on my Essure implants, to which I informed him that I do not have any Essure implants. After being allowed to see the monitor I could see that there were obviously two Essure implants on my left side far from where they should be. My Dr blames the company saying the bent and defective devices were to blame for them implanting without her knowledge and of course I am pretty sure the company blames her. No one wants to do any further testing to find out where these things are. I am being told that the “standard of care” does not warrent it and as long as I am having no issues to just ignore them. Just ignore these things in my body that are NOT where they should be! I am going insane over this and have no idea where to turn or what to do. No one is offering any help other than the comfort that no one has died from these implants, no not died but it seems like lots of other issues right? But, no death should be a wonderful comfort to me. I was happy to find this site.

  20. Natasha

    Ive had the essure procedure also and ever since ive had problems. Ive learned that nickle was found in the implant. Im not sure of the sude effects to do with that but on top of the constant to irregular bleeding and pains to weight loss and loss of appitite i now and breaking out with rash randomly. Im thinking it could be something to do with the nickle because i have always been a healthy person. Ive barely had colds. This procedure has made my life a living hell!!!!! I sometimes have 2 cycles a month with spotting in between cycles. Ive found a Dr who has performed the reversal surgery and was successful. Im gonna get the shit out of me ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Alisha

    I got the essure done in Dec of 09 and I started having bad pains in my abs to where I couldnt move tenderness in my breasts and pressure in my pelvic. Went to my ob she did tests to see if it was my essure. They are in place so she sent home and that was the end of that conversation. Then my period comes when it wants and is very very heavy with lots of pain and blood clots went to dr for that and they said its just irregular periods. Then I have bad back pains, hip pains and shooting pain thru my legs, and pains in my neck. I went to my family doctor and he did an mri and did ultra sounds on my pelvic area and on all my organs. They came back cant find nothing. The nurse told me to do research on my essure i have read alot of stories of woman that have them and are having same issues. Today I made a complaint on Go and make a complaint and lets get something done about the essure and make them pay for them to be removed.

  22. Lilian Durkee

    So, I had the essure done jan 19th , due to me having 3 kids one of them with a heart defect and my doctor recommended it . They said it was the best thing for me , well last week one of the coils fell out while i was taking a bath.. For one , I took the bath cause I was having the worst kind of cramps, Still am. I’m still bleeding which my doctors tell me , thats normal. Which If I would of known that it would of fell out I would of never did it. Know my doctor is saying the only option for me is to burn my tubes. Lets go threw more pain cause the first procedure didn’t work. I’m so mad! I’ve been having major cramps since they did the essure which my doctors told me it was fine. How can doctors recommend something that just fails!!! I can not get pregnant again my last pregnancy almost killed me .. Me and my bf are always fighting cause I’m always in pain from the cramping.. How can essure get away with this.. ? I just feel horrible for the women that , this will happen too. Oh and then my doctor told me that im his first patient thats had a coil fall out . He said hes done alot of essure. but if thats true why have i read about so many of them just falling out????

    • Cliana

      I totally feel your pain, I wish I would have researched Essure before I had them put the coils in. I didn’t even know that they were going to keep the coils in my tubes, I had a hysterectomy 2 dayss ago and my doctor told me if he saw the coils he would get them out. He never told me if he removed them. I am going through so much pain and I have to miss 6 weeks of work. I am struggling from depression since I had Essure and I don’t know what to do anymore. My doctor won’t admit that Essure may be the cause to all my “female issues”. I am angry, sad, and very confused. I want my life back to the way it was before Essure.

  23. Cliana

    I hzd Essure done in November 2010, since I had Essure I have had the worst cramps and uncontrollable bleeding once a month. I have never has any problems my entire life with my periods, I had an ultrasound and they discovered some polyps and a couple fibroids, I had to have a D&C to remove the polyps and fibroids during that procedure my doctor perforated my uterus, and said there may be a slight chance he could have puntured my bowel. He sent me home but he personally called me 2 days after the D&C, he told me he had to leave the fibroid in there as soon as he realized there wha a hole in my uterus. Eve thing seemed fine until I had some severely heavily bleeding, I went in to his office, he checked me and saw a lot of blood, he recommended a partial hysterectomy, he said it could heal on his own but he didn’t want to risk it, I am at a loss this was totally a shock to me, I had had the sand doctor for 6 years, he is the nicest guy and has good bedside manners but he totally promotes Essure for permanent sterilization and Novasure for heavy bleeding, I think he should have to take some responsibility for what I have gone through. If any one knows of any medical malpractice attorneys please reply to this post and let me know,

  24. Crystal

    My appt is for tomorrow morning to get the Essure procedure. I have done extensive research on Essure. Or so i thought. Thank you ALL for posting your stories. I am cancelling my appt. Feel proud that you have saved at least one person PRIOR to this nightmare. I wish you all the Best.

    • Elizabeth

      I wish I had done more research, I am so glad you have decided against the procedure you are definitely making the right decision as this has been a complete nightmare for me and my family. Best of luck!

      • kim

        Try not to blame yourself. I beat myself up for not having researched Essure. The doctor doing the procedure told me this is how they do the sterilization now. The no surgery, never any problems, way! I trusted him as his delivery was impeccable! I research everything & can’t belive I did not with this! 20/20 hindsight tells me using medical instruments to place foriegn objects into a delicate & vital part of my body to make it scar itself is actually absurd & barbaric! with or without a cut, it is a surgical procedure. Doctors are to be trusted. I asked nonetheless for an old-fashion tubal & he said they just aren’t doing it that way anymore….this is how we do it! He has been rude & arrogant since the my bleeding began 2 days after procedure and contnues now for over 6 months. He insists it was provera shot from 7 months ago!!!!! Progestin, BC, Estrogen, ultrasounds, bloodwork, biopsy. One doc says to do D&C & hysterscopy but dr from procedure says no way. He saw everything during dye test! Funny thing, I think he looked for 30 seconds before announcing 100% blockage, I can be 99% sure not to get pegnant….As I was asking him if he was sure & to show what he was looking at & asking why the coil looks like a U, he was half way out the room & I was just left in shock…on his way out he did say the shape was because my tubes aren’t straight! Funny thing is the oter side is straight & te U side hurt like holy heck, he stopped, gave me more pain meds & came back in 5 min ti finish that side. Also strange, the several times I have seen him he always asks if he had any trouble with my procedure. Why ask this if you never had one! And no, it is not in my notes from him, even the bleeding…always states procedure was a success, patient doing well. Didn’t mean to get so winded. Apologies. My symptoms…bleeding 6 months+, 4 out of control heavy with large clots, severe cramps, back pain, dizziness, vertigo 4 months after procedure to current, awful mood, depressed & angry!….yes, a living nightmare!

  25. Heather

    I was planning on getting the Essure procedure since the implant 3yr birthcontrol I have needs to betaken out before August and I have my 2 children already. The Implanon has been causing me nnothing but problems… cysts, heavy consistent bleeding I want it out of my arm. I thought Essure was a good choice as my best friend has had it and has no complaints as of now. Thank you all for your posts….I will NOT be getting this procedure… my husband is getting a vasectomy instead next week!! I have also passed this information on to my friend who has already gotten it. I’m so sorry you all are having so much pain. Well wishes to all of you! And Thank you !!!

    • Cliana

      Glad to hear you decided against the procedure and that your husband is having a vasectomy. I wish I wouldn’t have listened to my doctor and gone that route instead.

  26. Darlene Forrester

    I had the essure procedure in October 2007. I really wish I would have researched it more. Last week I found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I didn’t have the X-ray after the procedure caused insurance stopped and my Dr said don’t worry about it. Since my procedure I have lost my sex drive and sex is very painful. I have pain down there alot- sometimes i feel like i can feel the springs moving. I am so confused on how I could get pregnant 4 1/2 years later. I am in the process of finding an attorney that can help me with all this. I don’t want other woman to go through this. We have 4 kids already and I really don’t know what I’m gonna do’

  27. I am having my Essure removed and having my tubes reconnected at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal next week, on Feb 29th. I am paying nearly $8500 out of pocket for the surgery and travel accommodations. I believe I’ve been suffering from Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome, among other problems caused by this terrible procedure. I will keep you posted on my progress. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or need for support.

  28. Laura

    Hello. I just got the essure procedure done yesterday. Things seem to be just fine as of the day after…but yet it’s only been one day. Reading all these horrifying stories just after me having this done is kind of scary. Some ladies say it works very well for them and in other situations, the procedure didnt turn out so well for them. I do know that everyone is very different and Im praying this procedure will work just fine for me. Good luck to all of you ladies who has already had it done and to the ones wishing to get it done!

  29. Rebecca

    O.K. So I had my procedure done 6 years ago and have until now loved every bit of it. I just left the Chiropractor today for lower back pain. In reviewing the x-rays the doctor asked about my IUD,surprised at this I explained to him that I had the essure implants where were located in my Filopian tubes. He explained that the items in the xray would be semitical if that was the case and one of the items appears to be in my uterus. At this point Im a little freaked out and will be making a call to my GYN tomorrow to see what this could be. I have had no issues except lower back pain and for the most part have had not side effects, or none that I know of. I have minimal periods, small clots, a mild period. At this point Im trying to find articles from people who have had their implants move into their tubes…..

  30. Julie H.

    Oh my goodness, I am so glad that I am not alone. I thought I was going crazy. I had the proceedure done back in September of 2008. Since then my body has gone out of control and has only gotten worse. When I had the proceedure done, it took only about 10 minutes to do my left tube, but my right tube took much longer. The pain was worse childbirth. After it was done, I found out that there was an Essure representative there, because the doctor wasn’t even certified yet to do the proceedure. After that, the pain in my right tube has come and gone. Some days its worst than others, but mainly occurs during ovulation.

    Meanwhile, my PMS is getting scarry and almost constant, I don’t want to be around my children because I’m afraid I will hurt them during one of my mood swings. My cramps are worse than they have every been, I have more clots and I’m nauseous all the time. There is only about 20 days between periods…at one point there was only 5. What can I do? I want them out of me, will insurance pay for a reversal if it’s making you sick?

    Please help!!

    • to start go get the depo shot. that completely stopped my period. my periods do not stop. thats why i get the depo shot. my doc is now researching how to remove them. have you reported ur issue to fda? fda adverse event reporting form for medical devices. i have heard its not a friendly site. im about to file my report.

  31. rebecca

    Thank you so much! I was considering this procedure until today!!!

  32. yireri cuevas

    I just got the desire on march 3rd and I am in a tremendous amount of pain.I was not told the pain would last this long.I can hardly even walk.I don’t know what to do with the pain it’s as bad as contractions ..please help

  33. Lawanda

    Im very happy to have read all of you comments I am cancelling my procedure tomorrow.

  34. christa dorsey

    I got the essure done last year about a month later i stop having pain on my right side i had a ct scan and the sprung was bend now they think i have to get my tube removed wow

  35. nyc 28

    i thought i was going crazy so glad am not the only one, i had the essure done june 2008 and at the time i was 24 yrs old. the procedure went fine and i was great until 2yrs ago i started getting back pain was out of work for 2 months and was told that my problem was kidneys stones i was peeing in strainer for months and pain was still there and no stones until this day. i have gotten kidney ct scan and vaginal and everything is normal. i been living of vicoden cause the pain is so intense ive been in and out of ER and doctors offices and i been told it all in my head. i want the coils removed and i want my life back. the back pain is getting more intense, after sex i feel like am in labor due to the pain, i been having trouble lossing weight and constanly feel bloated. am 28 yrs old and i shouldnt feel exhausted.. i cry to myself cause the pain so intense. am going to see another doc and am hoping and praying that thos doc understand me. i was in the er 3/20/2012 THE NURSE THAT WAS ATTENDING WAS THE ONE THAT TOLD ME TO LLOK INTO MY ESSURE THAT IT HAS BEEN CAUSING PROBLEMS AND GYN ARE SUGAR COATING THE ISSUE!!! I BEEN DOING MY RESEARCH AND I FOUND OUT THAT AM NOT ALONE.

    • Ive been having alot of problems also, im going to get my tubes removed on the 12th, hope it cures my pain. I have back back now, I wasnt sure if it is from the coils. Get an mri done on your back. I get shots in my back i9t helps alot.

    • Natasha

      o my ive been having the same problems. weight loss, i bled for 6months straight, this past thursday i went to the ER for intense pain. it was tolerable before but now i cant. i called my ob Dr for an appointment and i also found a Dr that can reverse my procedure here in houston. i sent my pre op report and im just waiting for them to contact me. good luck to you but i have to get this crap out of me asap!

      • Shannon

        I just had my Essure removed on 4/9 & already feel better. Good luck to you!

      • Ileana Marcotulli

        Hi Natasha, could you tell me the name of the doctor in Houston that does the essure removal?
        Thanks a lot,

      • Natasha

        Dr Bernard Rosenfeld

      • CL

        I am in the Houston area as well. Having pelvic pressure that feels like being 8/9 months pregnant. It started beginning of May after having the procedure done Feb 28, 2012. The HSG follow up showed right insert in place. Left insert perforated my tube or uterus and is in a coiled or circular position in my abdominal cavity…can’t tell on HSG image if it’s stuck to my tube/uterus or not. A second doctor has recommended removing my uterus, both tubes and the coils. I’m scared and like so many on this sight feeling hung out to dry and abandoned by both the doctor and the company. They want to ship another one to the doctor and stick another insert in on the left side w/o addressing the coil that’s in my abdominal cavity…yikes. Please let me know what doctor in Houston can remove these. I am out the money it cost to put them in (insurance does not cover birth control or sterilization), but it looks like the nearly constant pelvic pressure is viewed by insurance a medically necessary.

      • kim

        Do not let them put another in!!! That should even be against the company protocall! Absurd! There is a very active group f women on Facebook under Essure problems. There are several there but this is the most active w about 110 members. Just request to join & you will most immediately be accepted. They are a ton of help & there is a load of info there. I am so sorry for you. They are forming connections as well I have been suffering since they were place 1010/2011

      • Elizabeth

        I had one of my coils lodged in my bowel and it was causing extreme pain. They were able to surgically remove the one that was in my bowels and it was covered under my insurance. I do still have the other as it was intact and they could not remove it without cutting into my uterus as the coils are partially in the tube and uterus something I did not know! Best of luck, do not let them place another coil! Find a doctor that will listen to you, they found mine on a xray since they are metal it shows up easily. Best of luck, if I can answer any questions let me know

  36. nyc 28

    ^^^^ CONTINUE

  37. Good Essure Experience

    Hello all, I feel terrible for everyone who’s having issues with this procedure. I had the procedure in 4 or 5 years ago and although my periods last longer and there is slight pain during intercourse I feel that this was a good decision for me. I wanted to get off the pill and my husband did not want to get snipped so this seemed like the way to go. I’m about to turn 44 and have started getting mood swings so a nutritionist advised that I take a supplement called “Chaste Tree” from Standard Process Supplements. I take this supplement from ovulation up to my period and it really helps.

    My doctor was adamant that I take the dye test after the procedure. Although this was painful, I have peace of mind knowing that I’m not going to get pregnant. I’m about to change OB-Gyns and after reading this I’ll make sure to bring up the questions on the Nickel.

    • reneej

      Dont be so sure… all was well with my procedure as well until i missed my period in March. Come to find out im 10 weeks pregnant and the baby is in my uterus… this is so devasting for me since this will be my 5th child. My doctor has no answers since I have had the essure for nearly 3 years and I was told at the follow up test that I could depend 100% on the essure. Im looking for a lawyer….

  38. mrsnewton04

    I had the Essure procedure done in September of 2011. Had to go under general anesthesia because of insurance. Had minor cramping when I woke up, but nothing else. First period (in October) was normal. My second period started on Nov. 23 and lasted until Jan. 18….exactly 8 weeks! One week of that included MAJOR cramps and passing large clots. The dr who did the procedure said this was normal and if the bleeding didn’t stop she would prescribe BC to manage it. It stopped just a few days after seeing her, and I didn’t think another thing of it. I went a few weeks later for my HSG test. The test went easily and I was told that everything was blocked. My only concern is that the 8 week period is the last one I had! It’s now the beginning of April….I’m gaining weight, cervical discharge has increased, mood swings are crazy (I’ve started crying for absolutely NO reason at all). I have four kids….I have only ever experienced these symptoms when I was pregnant! I called the dr’s office that did the procedure. The nurse told me what I am experiencing is normal but I should take a pregnancy test to ease my mind. The test was negative, but I am not convinced that these symptoms are normal. I called my regular ob/gyn. The nurse wants to run pregnancy tests and such. She doesn’t believe that these swings in my periods and my symptoms are normal. If the tests come back negative, she wants me to see my ob/gyn for a second opinion.

    • mrsnewton04

      update: I had the pregnancy blood test done. It came back negative. I”m working on month 4 with no period. My dr wants to start with a full pelvic ultrasound. If they can’t find anything wrong, they’ll probably check for endometriosis. I’m beginning to wonder if my body isn’t trying to throw me into menopause. The symptoms seem to line up pretty well. I just wish I knew what was going on with my body!

  39. Melissa

    Hello ladies, in glad in not the only one. I have been in pain for 6 days with a trip to the ER. They discovered that my essure coil was in my uterus somewhere… I have been in so much pain. Tuesday the I will go in for a procedure at the hospital so they can try to remove the coil. The doctor told me there is a good chance she will not be able to remove the coil and i will need hysterectomy . I can’t believe this is happening. I had these coils in for 8 years now and I’m 38. This is disturbing news for me. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Yes I had my surgery six years ago and I was told the same thing as you this past weekend I wound up in the emergency room and both my ultrasound and catscan both showed the coils had migrated into my uterus but my gynecologist is saying my essure is not the reason I’m having this excruciating pain now I’m going for a MRI and I’m wondering where do I go from there. This pAin is unbearable and it feels like labor all over again! I won’t rest until this problem is resolved… I do know i will get a 2nd And 3rd opinion if necessary and see if it can be reversed!

      • whymeSc

        Yes they can be reversed but insurance Will Not pay for it.. Dr’s will not Admit its the Essure cu they make to much $$$$ off them. We have to suffer until we find someone to listen.. facebook has a group called “essure problems”. Its a great place to get info and support. Im a member i also have the nightmare called essure.. best of luck to u..

  40. kari

    I got the essure procedure done march of last year and since then I’ve had problems of bleeding for 6 weeks straight, pain, and at the moment no period. There are no places around here that will take it out.

    • I just had my falopian tubes removed. Thats the only way I could find to remove my essures, there are a couple clinics that remove essure and keep your tubes. It cost 7500 dlrs. The procedure to remove your tubes is easy the recovery is painful, but I think it will do good in the long run. Good Luck.

      • Mo Grant

        Hi Alisha,
        I am in the beginning process of trying to get my Essure removed by my Ob. I feel very strongly about following through with getting them out. I have looked in Chapel Hill down in North Carolina and am considering paying out of pocket I do not want them removed for future pregnancies. My question for you is how are you feeling after your salpingectomy? Do you feel any side effects from having your falopian tubes removed? Are you happy to have Essure out of your body?

      • k

        If you can do it, I would def go to NC

  41. elizabeth

    i had the essure im 21 i been haven cramps and back pains it hurt when i sit i even hurt when i walk some times

  42. latisha

    I had the Essure put in in 2009, I was married and we have 7 children together i was done,… In 2011 i was in a very bad car accident, after ex rays were done the Dr, came in and asked when had i gotton the essure put in, i thought this was strange, he pulled out the full ex ray and showed me there was only one and it was not in the correct place, I did not have any of the the signs, my period came normally, i did have lower back pain but i was told that was from a old sporting injury. I am now married to someone else, who doesnt have children, we were prepared to live life knowing that i could never have him a child,..but Last month my period only lasted for one day, however this month was normally, Im having all the signs of being being preg. Ive taken a test and it said neg. I have a doc appt today, I pray all is ok, we would love to have a baby but im concerned about the location of the missing essure, and why didnt my Dr. tell me this could happen,.Essure needs to offer better training to the Dr. and take responsibilty for their product, I have two family members that have gotton preg. after essure implants..

  43. kim

    Since Essure placement 10/2011 I have been bleeding…over 6 months!!!! I have had ample tests done, all come back fine. Never had any issues prior. Have 4 children, regular & fertile! Severe Cramps,blood clots like softballs, back pain, bloating, weight gain…15lbs, dizziness (which I oiginally thought was something unrelated). I am not a complainer nor do I wish to ( I have trouble going to the dr to state an issue!!) & I have a high pain tolerance…probably out of neccesssity!!!! but my life essentually has been a living hell. That is the short of it….My mood, well my 19 year old son said “Geez Momm! It is like you have been on your period everyday for months!” & I still have a 3& 5 year old to take care of…The doctor who did the procedure acts as if it is all alright, still saying probably the Depo shot! That was over 7 months ago! Come on! Maybe it had something to do with the sudden sharp pain that impulsively caused me to yell loudly without even realizing it & rise to a sitting position! I take motrin all the time & come to think of it I am not sure why since it doesn’t do too much!

  44. kim


  45. kim

    My fav post is when a Dr tells a women they are microscopic! These docs are jokers & treat us like idiots almost trying to make us feel shameful for our complaints. How would they feel if they were bleeding from their male organ for 6+ months deeming it practically useless! That in itself should be enough, then give them pain & make them fat & dizzy clumsy…oh and lets add in a couple lil ones that need his undying attention….the women docs should relate I’d think!!!!!

    • injured

      Unfortunately the women drs don’t seem much better in many cases. Seems there is just way too much money to be made. It could be the incentives that the company gives the drs has something to do with their true desire to do this procedure & to ignore the problems that can arise due to this procedure. Please go to facebook Essure problems. There is a petition that you can sign. Also make a report to the FDA. Sorry that you are having trouble. I have to agree that after having the procedure & having problems it doesn’t make sense to do this procedure. It really is not good to put any foreign object into your body unless it is absolutely necessary. This is also promoted as non-hormonal but they fail to mention that nickel is listed as a potential carcinogen & that the nickel can & does break down over time releasing the metal into surrounding tissue.

      I hope you find someone that can help you. You have to insist that they look at the metal coils. You may have to keep changing drs until you find someone that will help. I am sorry that you are having problems.

  46. Penny

    I had the Essure in 2008 and the follow up showed 100% blocked, over the last 4 years I have had severe cramps, uncontrolable bleeding, back pain, leg pain, migraines, etc. In Mar2012 I started bleeding and it never stopped. The abdominal pain was worse than birth. After 2 Vaginal ultrasounds, one implant was in my uterus, and I was told I would need a hysterectomy! How devistating!!! On Aprl 25, 12 I had surgery. The doctor found the implant was no longer in my uterus, but in my cervix. The other implant had perforated my tube and was migrating towards other organs. Both were removed. I had a severe reaction in post op surgery and nearly died!
    I am a widow with a minor child! How scary!!!
    I am seaching for a lawyer, and will not stop till I find one. I will follow up with info as I find it!
    It is so sad that women have to pay such a high price , their health, because of a product that should be taken off the market!

    • Elizabeth

      Penny please contact Conceptus, you may receive a monetary settlement from them for all your trouble. That is awful what you have had to go through! I also had one of my tube migrate and was in my bowels. They did surgery but the one tube is still intact as they would have to do a complete hysteroctomy to remove that one. I had so much trouble with pain and bleeding as well. This is an awful product. Here is an email address to contact Conceptus (maker of Essure) I did and they need to be aware!
      Product Surveillance []

      Please contact me via email if you have any questions.

      Best of luck!

      • whymeSc

        Ive contacted them and they dont care!! Just had my right tube taken out because the esure implant broke inside my tube. Dr said that the co emailed him and said he needed to put a clamp on my right tube. Something went wrong because the dr went to the waiting room to tell my hubby he had to remove my right tube. I woke up in recovery about 3 hrs later. Pain is bad. Im just wondering what happened and why did he not take the other one out too. My hubby tried to talk to the dr but the jerk said he didnt have time.. We are trying to find a lawyer..

    • whymeSc

      I agree 100% with you. Please keep us posted. Gotta stop these ppl..

  47. Autumn

    I really wish I had found this site before I had the procedure done. I only had the procedure done 2 weeks ago. I was lucky in the sense that I had it done at the surgery center and was under sedation, not fully under but not awake either. The reason I had it done this way is so “just incase” they couldn’t get the coils inserted I could be put under deeper sedation and have the tubal, as the thought of them poking and prodding and shoving things in my fallopian tubes gave me much anxiety. But at the time I had more anxiety about a tubal ligation. I opted for the essure because I am 43 years old with a surprise baby now almost a year old. I wanted essure because I was scared to death of a tubal and going fully under and the recovery time. I wanted easy recovery time since I have an 11 month old to chase after. I asked my doctor several questions before the procedure, even the possibility of being allergic to the nickel and she insisted that it is such and extremely small amount that there is no way it would affect me. Now I don’t know what exactly is causing my problems or if they will get worse, but I am already regretting having it done and want them removed. 2 days after my procedure I had headaches (but the problem with that is I already suffer from migraines so i don’t know if the essure has anything to do with that since I already get them) but I had severe dizziness and blurry vision and I had wierd bleeding. I called the number I was given for any problems or questions and no one called me back for 2 days! Finally an oncall ob/gyn called me back and she didn’t have answers as she hadn’t done any essure procedures. When the doctor that did my procedure called me back she said it was normal. Now, I am having my period and it is worse its ever been AND i’m having sharp pains, not cramps, on one side. I put in call to doctors office and have yet to hear back. I also have had back pain but I figured that is from carrying my baby. I am worried things are gonna get worse. I asked them if the coils can fall out or move and they said no but now I’m finding out different. Can they be removed and what is the procedure to remove them? I want to do the tubal but I’m worried about the recovery time and pain I will be in as I have to take care of my baby,(plus i’m still breast feeding) but I”m also afraid of the long term effect of the essure. I want to get this done ASAP because my insurance will expire and also because I just am afraid symptoms are gonna get worse. I thought i did my research on it but I guess I was just wanting to get it done and just read only the good about it. I’m so confused. help

  48. Leslie

    I am 27 years old and have 3 kids I had the essure done in Oct of 2011 and I have had problems ever since. Had the 3 month test and my dr really did not say much about it. So it is now May 2012 and I have yet to have my cycle and it has been coming the first week and lasting for 3 weeks but this month nothing. I am so worried that I might be pregnant. Really wish I would have found this site before I got this crap put in my body. Guess I will have to wait a little bit longer and take a test.

  49. Krystal Bright

    Can essure fall out after 5 years of having it done and leave u with pains in ur lower abdomen and back???????can u see the essure with an ultasound????????

    • injured

      There is a picture of a device on the facebook page essure problems that a woman claims fell out a few years later. There are also reports of women having sucessful HSG’s & then later on finding that a device is not where is should be. I personally had numerous ultrasounds. I was told by several different techs who actually perform the ultrasounds that metal doesn’t show up. That ultrasounds are for looking at soft tissue, not bone or metal. Of course this is what the drs all kept ordering which showed nothing. I finally had another surgery & they found a third metal coil that no one knew was there.

      • Elizabeth

        Mine had migrated not “fallen” out and the were found by xray since they are metal. I had several ultrasounds and they were not visible on them

  50. unhappy girl

    I am living this nightmare as well. I have been to 13 specialist and nothing. I started having trouble right after the easier procedure almost 2 years ago. I told my OBGYN about the problems I was having but he said it was because of the pinched nerve in my back. I left it t that but as time went on I started having more troubles. intercourse became way to painful and then the whole area went numb. I agein tried to talk to the Dr but he agein said that of was my back. I was then bounced from specialist to specialist as this has caused so many problems in so many systems. by the time I did get a good specialist that really wanted to help me we found out I am allergic to nickle and it has set up an infection that messed up my liver and set off an auto-imune desease. now I am waiting to have them removed. biggest mistake I ever made having this done.

  51. Trista

    Wow I am so upset with myself for not researching this sooner! I unfortunately just had the Essure procedure done last month. Already noticing symptoms- very crampy, more so during ovulation which I am having a discharge with a light pink tinge. The right side is the side the doctor had trouble with, she said I tensed up and it caused me to spasm. But the Essure rep who was also present said my tubes were “fluffy” and asked if I was on a contraceptive. (which I’m not) ?? Hmm.
    This month I had a heavier than normal period ( which by the way I suffer from extremely heavy periods, which is the reason I had this done prior to a future ablation that is scheduled.)
    But this month I passed a rather huge clot that almost left me passed out on the bathroom floor. Definitely not normal- nor healthy I’m guessing.
    I’m starting to wonder if these are only the beginning signs of issues with the Essure.
    I too, have been told I’m allergic to nickel, not knowing the coils contain nickel, now I’m a bit worried.
    Time to make an appointment.
    I’m sorry to see so many of us are going thru this.
    Essure shouldn’t be allowed!
    Best of luck to all of us.

  52. Tiffany

    I am reading through this site, saying to myself…EXACTLY! I got the essure procedure done in jan of 07 in california by my gyn who had never performed the procedure before. MISTAKE! I did an allergy test and my entire back was swollen from the adhesive on the test strip..but she said i was good to go anyway. I know live in atlanta and know that i am allergic to nickel (5 yrs later)…and i have every pregnancy symptom ever! I took a test which came out +….but went to er and they said theyv never heard of essure, and not to worry as their test came out neg. They prescribed me meds n said i had a cyst that burst which was why i was in pain and sent me home…im so ready to get rid of these coils! Every month for the past 4yrs i have had “cysts that burst”, pid (with the same non cheating man), pain in my back, and lower abdomen, bleeding during sex, low sex drive, headaches and every side effect of essure that is not told when receiving the procedure. Please help!!

  53. Hard time getting essure removed

  54. Kristie

    I am so glad to have found a site to share my horrible experience with essure. I had the procedure done in 2009. I was a perfectly healthy 25 year old. When I first had it done it was great. Very light menstrual cycle little to no bleeding. Finally!! About 6 months after the procedure I started having excruciating lower abdomenal pain and lower back pain. I made an appointment with my Dr. Went through quite a few ultrasounds and blood tests and everything was “normal” I continued having the pain and proceeded to go to the ER. I was hooked to an IV, given all kinds of medication to find out that I had a cyst that had ruptured. I made a follow up. Appointment with my Dr, I was told once again everything is fine and its not caused by the essure implants. I was told to see a stomach specialist. I did and everything was fine. I had given up. Im so glad to have found this site! My next step is to find a Dr that will listen and not ru me out.

  55. Ketzy

    I also have done the essure procedure 4 yrs ago. I wish I would have done more research on the procedure. Everyday I am in pain i’ve done all types of test to find out why am i getting pains and everything comes back negative and good. The pains are sharp pounding almost like contractions especially on the right side. My dr. suggest I get a hysterectomy because there is no other way to remove the essure procedure. I don’t want to have hysterectomy I just want it remove asap.

    • vervilledeb1


      You do not have to have a full hysterectomy to have the Essure removed. There are surgeons who are able to remove the coils and just not reattach the fallopian tubes so that pregnancy cannot take place. Again, I do not understand why physicians who are providing this procedure to women are not doing their research. If I was putting these coils into women I would want to know what is going to happen if I have a patient that asks about having the coils removed. Patients trust their doctors and they know this.

      Here is some reading about Essure Removal and Reversal:

    • I had my falopian tubes removed because I didnt want a hyst. I found a few ob in my area that would remove just my tubes. Call around.

  56. Autumn

    This is an update to my very recent post on may 4, 2012. I had my essures only couple months. But I was experiencing so many symptoms very fast I knew I had to get them removed. I thought I was going crazy and half the symptoms I was experiencing I didn’t even think it had to do with essure until I started researching further. Here is what I was experiencing mostly on a daily basis: headaches, nausea, metalic taste in mouth, pain in abdomen sometimes so severe I would almost pass out, dizzy and blurry vision, lower back/kidney pain, achy joints and muscles (that was an odd one and happened out of nowhere as well), and then here’s another one I had no idea might be from the essure but I gained 12 POUNDS in 2 months ONLY around the midsection area. I”m a fairly thin person and I was very pleased to have been back to pre pregnancy after the birth of my baby but ever since I had the essures, the weight piled on. This was causing me severe depression as well. And of course my periods were starting earlier, lasting longer, and much heavier.
    I went to the doctor that put the essures in and begged for her to take them out. If I am experiencing this much problems now, I hate to think what the long term affect will be. She once again told me that it is not the essures causing the problems AND she said that once they are in they can not come out. I’m sorry that answer was not good enough for me.
    I found a second opinion and surgeon that would remove them. Here was the interesting thing… The surgeon is a mininally invasive gynological surgeon that also does essure procedures and is very pro essure. I thought there is no way this dr will remove them because she promotes them. I asked her straight up ” have you removed any essures and will you remove mine” yes and yes she said. I was elated!!
    Now we run into 2 problems. My insurance was only to cover family planning (and that is only for a certain amount of time after having a baby so the essure was actually covered) BUT they would not cover the cost of the REMOVAL of the essures even though I was going to have a tubal when they were removed. The surgeon and another dr in that office sent letters and contacted the insurance company because I was a “special” case and was having so many problems so quickly. They informed the insurance that occassionaly there are problems with certain family planning procedures, ie; IUD’s and of course essure coils , in which case there is a need to have removed and opt for another family planning method. That particular insurance has now changed their POLICY thanks to those dr’s and my “special case” and will now cover removal if their is a problem and it is in the required time frame of when the insurance is in effect and another form of family planning is necessary.
    I had the coils removed 5 days ago and the surgeon just removed the fallopian tubes as well too. Since the surgery I have no more metallic taste, no headache, no pain in my left side or abdomen, and it looks as though some of the weight around middle is not as big as before. I don’t know if its all in my mind at the relief of having them out but I feel so much better.
    I have so much sympathy for those who have suffered for years because of these things and have been unable to have them removed. I was lucky that I experienced everything immediatly and was able to have them removed. Ladies if you are having problems and you think it is from your essure, try and find someone that can remove them, and see if they will have insurance cover it or work out a payment plan but I believe these are not a safe device for everyone. Don’t give up. There are dr’s that will help you out, you just need to find them. (as I said I was very surprised that this surgeon i found removed them considering she promotes them and was one of the first dr’s in my area that started inserting essures. I believe she has seen some of the problems women have but with me it was too much too soon).
    Good luck and lets get these things out of our bodies and off the market!

    • Mo Grant

      Hi Autumn,
      How are you feeling since you have had your Salpingestomy? Are you feeling any side effects from removing your falopian tubes? I am in the process of trying to get my Ob to remove my Essure with the same procedure. I also want these out of my body! I am so happy for you that you were pro active about your body. I am going in that direction.

    • Becca

      I didn’t think about it until you mentioned it but I have been having almost daily headaches since I got my procedure. I thought it just had to do with the stress I’ve been under but I never have had headaches this much in my life. So I guess that’s one more symptom to add to my list.

      • whymeSc

        Had essure done 9/12. Been in constant pain. Had hsg test done dr said tubes were blocked but one has broke. He sent the X-ray to the makers of essure and 2 months later they emailed him and told him he needs to remove it and put a “clamp” on my left tube.(2/13). Went to his office today and he said I have to have surgery this coming week. Again I’ve told him about all the pain heavy period that doesn’t go away mood swings etc. He basically just laughed and claims it has Nothing to do with the procedure. Well this is my 5th child and I have never had these problems before the essure was put in. Asked if he could do anything for the bleeding and pain and the sob just said I will call u next week and after the surgery u will not b seeing me again. I can’t find any dr here that will c me due to the essure. I’m mad as hell and my family is suffering due to me not being “normal”.. PLEASE LADIES DO NOT GET ESSURE. THESE PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT THE $$$ not us.. I’m so depressed and in so much pain its unbelievable. Wish I never got Essure…

  57. Linda

    I had essure done in 2009 i went from having an easy menstrual of 3 to 4 days lightly no cramps to a menstrual of 7 to 14 days painful n very heavy n had 2 heart attacks in month of may dont if its related but am investigating if anyone knows pls let me know asap

    • injured

      Linda, check out some of the other forums also. There are several on Facebook. There is even a petition that you can sign on the facebook pages called essure problems. Make a report to the FDA. If you need help let us know but I have not read of any link with essure to heart attacks but at this point given that they contain nickel & nickel is a known carcinogen. Too much nickel in the body can be toxic. I know I read that excess nickel accumalates in the liver, kidneys causing damage & I want to say that I read that it can also build up in the heart but I’d have to go back & do some research to verify that. You can try looking it up.

      • who do i ask for help?

      • injured

        Anyone on those facebook pages will help you. It is just easier to privately message one another. I assure you that if you post on the facebook page called Essure Problems someone will answer you. There are several. The main two are called Essure Problems. One has about 750 members, one has less. Right now the one with less members seems to be the most active right now. I haven’t had time to look into a possible connection with heart problems & essure metal coils but I will try to start doing that later today.

      • Ok, I just had my falopien tubes removed because of the Essure’s I had alot of the same problems with them as alot of the woman are having. Now that they are gone alot of the symptoms are gone. Thanks! I have e-mails from one of the men that works for Essure company.

      • Elizabeth

        Did Conceptus (Essure) pay for your surgery? I had to have mine removed as well due to many medical problems and I contacted Conceptus. I do have an email if anyone needs to contact them. There really should be a suit as many people have all of the same problems and they know about it!

      • no they didnt pay for it

      • tiffany

        I would love the email!

      • Elizabeth

        Product Surveillance [] This is who I contacted, they need to be aware of all the serious problems many of us women are having as a result of this device. best of luck.

  58. Vanessa

    I have the essure and it has torn my life apart and the doctors seem to care less!!! I have a none stop period….a none exsisting sex life and when i do say ok to sex with my husband it is so absolutly painful!! I have pain almost all the time and sleeping seems impossible i have had these in for almost 3 years and i can not take it anymore!!! I have been to two diffrent doctors who tell me a hysterectomy is my only option! I am 27 years old!!! That is not even an option!!! How can i go about getting a reversal and will any insurences cover it or any place near PA that isn’t more then 5,000 dollars…please help i just can’t do it anymore!!!! I told my doctor the last time that i rather die then deal with this pain anymore it is destroying my life, my family, my normal days!! I just want to be myself again!!!!

    • dont give up there are drs who will take just your falopian tubes, I searched and searched and found one

      • danielle

        same symptoms here :( i got the depoprevera shot shortly after the procedure so i was absent of a period for a few months then around the 6month mark ot started and then didnt wanna stop.. this went on for seven months! i went to the docters they gave me some kinda hormon and i finally quit bleeding now two years later i came to the realization this very well may be something i live with forever more bad lower painone week before and intense pain the first few days after starting… ibrophen does wonders!!! i cant afford all there bullchit test and i really just dont know what else to do.. it just is very defeating and humiliating when i can see the annoyance in the faces i love when im having one of my episodes again.. especially my babies

      • k

        Go to Facebook page “essure problems” this is a very active group of women. They will at least help support you issues & they will talk to you. Request to be in the group. They will accept. There is a ton of info there!

    • k

      If ovaries are left you should not have menopause. There is a very active Facebook page called essure problems. The women there are extremely helpful. I have not had luck w finding a new Dr, was close once but my only chance now is to have the same Dr do removal. He will remove tubes w coils. There are insurance issues. There are no facilities in our area. There is Chapel Hill & the cost is about 4500 out of pocket. They are on the east coast. Please go to Facebook page, they will accept you I’m the group.

  59. k

    Report to the FDA for medical device. No women should endure this. If there are enough complaints they will have to do an investigation instead of allowing & relying on Conceptus to do the reporting. This is a wonderful site & there is another active group on Facebook’s essure problems. There are others there but this one has avert active 100 members.

  60. Stephanie

    I just had my essurr procedure done yesterday and have been in AWFUL pain since. They told me my pain should be gone within an hour or two of the procedure and I am in so much pain. The only medication they gave me is 600 mg Ibuprofen and that does not seem to help at all!!! Any
    suggestions?? I’m not sure if I should call doctor or if they would do anything for me???

    • call the dr and get them out while you can

      • k

        They will send you on a wild goose chase, be prepared! See Facebook page Essure problems…there are a few but this is a very active group! good luck to you & I hope you find answers & solutions that are right quickly! Go to the page & join! There is a ton of info there!

      • Jaime

        i just had mine put in 5 days ago and i have very bad cramps and back pain… will the doctor take them back out?

  61. cindy

    i have had the essure for 2years know and i wish i can turn back time and i would not have done it i am29years old and i live day by day drinking pils with pain and dizziness,nausya,bad ansyetyand depression i dont feel the same way i dont feel like me i cant give my 4children the atention they need i have spoken and all they do is refuse to take this out i just wanna be me again..

    • k

      Cindy, you are not alone. I am so sorry for you. Nobody resolute is listening. The drs do not hear us, I believe strongly Conceptus does not report accurately. There is a very active Facebook page called Essure problems. Join…it is full of info & everyone there is extremely supportive. It helps immensely. Very important, report to FDA. We are hoping to flood them w complaints so they are forced to investigate. There are severance FB pages, but the one I mentioned is amazing.

  62. CS

    I had the procedure done in April of this year (2012). I go in for the dye test this month. I have not had any problems with this procedure yet, but when I have the dye test done, is there anything specific I should be looking for while watching the screen? I’m really worried now that this procedure wont work. I already have 3 kids and dont want more… Thanks!

    • CL

      YES! Please go to and look at the “About Essure” blue tab at the top, the pull down menu has a choice that says “procedure and confirmation test”, then it will say “Essure Technology” and “Essure Confirmation Test.” I would read through both of those. There are actual photos, and also HSG images that show how the devices should be placed. Also, there’s an instruction manual for the doctors that you can download and view on this same site. I can not remember exactly how to get to it again, but I have a copy of it saved onto my computer desktop in case I want to refer to it. I have a coil that perforated through my uterus/tube on one side, and is located in a circular postion in my abdominal cavity. I’m very glad that I reviewed pictures of what it should or should not look like before I went in for my HSG. I am also glad that I got to watch the HSG on the screen instead of trusting a doc/technician to tell me that I had proper location and occlusion (tubes closed) of the devices. I’ve had to go back on the pill :( and I have had to find a doctor that is willing to remove the devices….the Essure doctor told me that it was safe to leave in my addominal cavity and that she cannot take it out. I have since had 4 other doctors tell me that there is risk of intestinal complication, adhesion/perforation of my bowels, or infection/inflammation surrounding the mislocated device. CS, you can also request that your HSG images be loaded onto a CD so that you may view them youself. I just had to sign a medical info release form to get mine. I hope that your devices are located properly, and that your tubes are occluded (closed/blocked). Personally, after the reading that I’ve done and especially at, I would NOT rely on these for my method of birth control. It just seems that there are too many women on this sight and others that end up pregnant after their “CONFIRMATION” test and after being told they could rely on these devices to prevent pregnancy. Some ladies find out 6 months down the road…I saw one post that was 4 YEARS after the so called “green light” to rely on Essure. I know that this is discouraging….i just want you to be safe. It seems that some pregnant women carry to term w/ Essure placed, while others have tubal pregnancies that result in miscarriage and hysterectomy.
      I hope that this helps you….it’s not meant to be for the sole purpose of scaring you or causing undue stress.
      Best wishes!

  63. CL

    Also, just to add one more thing to CS and any others that it may help….my Essure doc not only said she could not get the device out of my abdominal cavity, and that it’s “perfectly soft, flexible, and safe” she also recommended putting ANOTHER device in my fallopian tube on that side to achieve the originally desired result of sterilization. She claims that she called the Essure rep and that is also what they recommended. It is apparently standared protocol to attemp placing another coil in women when the first one either perforates the tube/uterus or is for any other reason not blocking the tube. PLEASE beware of doctors that tell you this as it is my belief that they area either liars, OR maybe, just maybe they actually believe that this is a good course of action for their patients/clients. Listen to your heart and that little voice that we all have inside of us and decide for yourself….don’t let anyone tell you to do something that you just know to your tippy toes isn’t the right thing to do.

  64. Monesha

    I had the essure procedure done in March 2011, I have not had any of the problems. But now my period is 3 months late. I have always had abnormal periods, the last two times my periods were late I was pregnant. I pray that is not the case. I will go get a pregnancy test tomorrow and call my doctor as well. Please pray that all is well.

  65. cindy

    i am 29 years old i been with essure for 2years know i have 4little ones when i desided to get this done i really wasent thinking my life as a mommy and a wife will change i am always in pain and i barely get up in the am i bleead constantly even having sexual intercourse i have no life anymore i feel like i am not the person i was and this kills me to all the young mothers out their i dont think essure is the correct birth control..

    • k

      Agreed! Many lives are being ruined. Get them out. Find a Dr that will. Convince your present one. The manufacturer doesn’t even know the long term effects entirely. Join Facebook site for Essure Problems. There are several but this one is filled w many caring, active women. So sorry for you. Hope you have a positive outcome soon.

  66. Michelle

    THANK YOU all so much. I have been considering Essure, but after reading all the comments here I think NOT. Wow I am so sorry for all the issues, problems and pain you all have suffered. Thank you for sharing. Think I will just stick to the ‘pill’.

  67. I had the procedure done in April 2012, checked June 19th, and have been bleeding since June 20th (It’s now mid August!). The doctors won’t listen to me. Tell me it’s from the Depo I got in April! Really!? It’s not THAT strong. I work for doctors and even THEY side with my own doctor saying that it’s normal. I KNOW my body, I wish someone would listen and explore the issues with this procedure.

    • k

      My Dr blamed drop for nearly 8 months. There are many prob trying to get a Dr to listen. If it continues BE SURE to report to FDA. YOU CAN Do it online even. There also is a very wonderful, INFORMATIVE, group of women on Facebook called Essure Problems. There are several but this one is very active & posts are private since it is a closed group. You will have to ask to join. They will accept. I am sorry you are feeling unwell. I did bleed over 7 months straight.

  68. Audrey

    Its weird that so many complain about the right side. That’s where my pain is. My dr told me everything is fine and take Motrin. It has been over 3 months now and still in pain. I am seeing a specialist and he is going to remove the coil on the right side. He did an MRI and thinks it might have attached to my bowels. Think my original dr did it wrong because I have had this pain since I woke up from the procedure. The dr I have now said he would never recommend essure because of all the problems.

    • CL

      PLEASE, PLEASE if you are going to get the right side taken out, have the doctor go ahead and take out the left one too. You are signing up for a second surgery down the road if you don’t insist they take BOTH out…he’ll already be in there…

    • k

      Who is your Dr now? That is an incredible statement to hear. So many women are having trouble & the drs ignore. I have a friend w the same situation. Hers has been stuck there for a year now. Can’t find a Dr to remove it. I am so sorry for you. You should have him remove both. Are you in pain? These things are a nightmare!

  69. ashley

    I’ve had eesure for almost 2 yrs & its the worst thing I could have done. I have so many problems like always being in pain, very heavy bleeding…and just lately I’m 2 weeks late & I’m feeling sick, pain on my lower left side and I’m bloated….I’ve missed a whole month before but never had these symptoms….I’m so worried & my obgyn won’t see my till the middle of september…anyone else have these problems?

  70. Roza Pawlowska

    After 2 weeks after sterilisation by essue . I have very painful red spots on face and my genitalia are!!! I’m scare . Please let me know of someone have the same problem after Essue .

    • k

      You very well may be allergic to the nickel. Call your Dr ASAP. Visit a Facebook page, Essure problems. There are a few but this one is active & full of info & many caring women. I am so sorry for you. Please request to join that page.

  71. Amanda

    I just sent my paperwork back to scheduled mine being removed from lakeshore surgical center. I can’t wait and I’m praying I go back to normal. The dizziness all the time is the absolute worst for me and there is nothing else any doctor can link it to and I’ve never had any problems like this until 2 weeks after they were put in.

  72. Becca

    I came across this site today and just kept reading. I have found so many women who have had the same issues as me. I had the essure put in June of this year, 3 months after my daughter was born. Ever since, I have had very irregular periods. The first 2 months, I had 2 periods a month and they were heavy, so heavy that they were like I just had a baby again, which also came along with blood clots. Here I am in the third month and my period is 2 weeks late. All I’ve been having is a pinkish discharge off and on. I’ve been cramping every now and then and have had severe back pain but no period. I was due for my HSG 2 days ago but because I had to reschedule to a later time that day, I was turned away because the nurse who rescheduled me didn’t tell my doctor and it was too late to do the test by the time I got there. So now my HSG test is in 2 weeks. Before I got this done, I researched and found nothing but positive feedback. Now that I’ve got it done, I’m finding all of these sites with so much negative feedback. I’m beginning to regret getting this prodecure done. I’ve read about women getting pregnant again and/or having miscarriages. I have already lost 2 children and I have two children. I would rather not get pregnant again, which is the reason I had this done in the first place. I don’t know what I would do if I had another miscarriage, either. The first two weeks after I had this done, I had real bad stabbing pains where the coils were set. Now I just have terrible back pain, cramping, loss of appetite and a loss of sex drive. I found out that I have even lost 10 pounds because of my lack of appetite. I’m happy I’ve lost the weight but that’s just another thing the essure caused. If this turns out to fail, I will end up getting a hystorectomy as so many other birth control mthods have already failed on me. I had Mirena put in and it fell out… twice… in 2 months. The Nuva Ring fell out also. I’m overweight so the patch won”t work for me, I have horrible memory so I would forget the pill. The Depo is the ONLY effective birth control I have used. HOWEVER, with the depo, I turned into a complete psycho, ask my husband. We almost got divorced several times while I was on the depo because I was so unbearable to be around.

  73. steph-love

    I’m pregnant for a second time! I need legal help!!

  74. shawna

    I been having realy bad pain in my lower back pelvis an stomach I’m having thick white discharge an bleeding after sex an the pain gets worse

  75. shawna

    I been having realy bad pain in my stomach pelvise an lower backmy stomach becomes bloaded the worse it gets an now I been having thick white discharge and bleeding everytime after I have sex an the pain gets worse I have no clue what it could be from an the doctors look at me like I’m telling stories an does nothing can anyone help me

    • I had the same thing, it got to the point I couldnt walk, I had shots in my back I have a few back problems but cant blame essure. But I had my tubes taken out and now my back doesnt hurt 24/7 to the point I cant walk and pains in my stomach are gone. I seen Dr. Gratkins in Normal, Il. Not sure where you are from.

  76. kimberly

    I just had this done 2 weeks ago. Why didnt i see all this before? I am scared to death!

  77. brandi sluder

    I am a 24 year old mom of 3 i have plans to get the essure done because i dont like the pill n i had the inplanon done n they all caused me to gain weight n when i tried to lose it it was almost impossible. So i talked to m doc. About having something more permanent done thats when he told me about essure. He made it sound easy n simple and almost painless procedure but visiting this website n seeing all of the comments about the essure really scares me. I go early morning on oct.2 to have the procedure done could someone let me know if im making a good health choice?

    • Mo Grant

      With any permaneant birth control device there is potential long term side effects. I just had my Essure coils removed last week after 21/2 years of problems. It is not considered reversible. Many Ob’s will do a hysterectomy to remove the Essure. I had mine surgically removed by a tubal reversal surgeon in North Carolina called Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. This was out of pocket and cost $4,600. I did not need a hysterectomy. My advice to you is do your research and consider checking out a Facebook page called Essure problems. They will friend you and you can read all about these women’s stories of their adverse experiences with Essure. Good luck to you and others reading this post…

    • I am 32 I had the procedure done 2yrs ago and was in pain and went to many drs and thought I was full of it when I told them I read this site and said it wasnt the essure coils. I finally found a great o.b who listened and took out my tubes, it was very painful, I was in pain for 2wks. Everything that was wrong is now normal. DONOT GET THE ESSURE!!!

      • k

        There are many ifs, if placed properly, if occluded, if they stay in place, if your body does not react adversely. I would ask for an old fashion tubal. It is hardly any down time. Not the clamps though, not even sure they use them still though! I had many issues from bleeding 7 months straight to weight gain, back & stomach pain, it took over my body til the pain in my hips & legs were seriously leaving me helpless. I had no prior gyn problems & no allergies. If you have a situation, getting a Dr to listen is 1/2 the battle. Many women end up w hysterectomies. I was lucky to have lost tubes & coils only. I feel like a new person! You can check out many sites esp one on Facebook called Essure Problems (exactly as written). There is a boatload of information. I would cancel the appt & do a lot of research. I would never have had them if I was told all the wonderful things they are & the truth with it too. It is very sad & I hope they are removed from the market…which I believe it will come to that!

  78. R.Moore

    I had the Essure implants in January 2006. Six and a half years ago! I went to my Ob/gyn after two difficult pregnancies and divorcing the father of my children. I was forty years old and my Ob told me she would not perform a tubal on me because I was too young and that men would not date me if I was infertile! This was in Los Angeles.
    I found a doctor that had done a significant number of Essure procedures and went with him.
    I have never had one single problem or side effect from the Essure devices. Nothing. No menstrual problems, no pain, no ectopic pregnancies, no missed periods, nothing. I am devastated to discover the number of problems that women have been encountering with their Essure implants. I have been so pleased with mine that I never expected the stunning amount of evidence being expressed in this blog, that women feel betrayed and injured by both the manufacturer and their health care providers. What a terrible situation for those that obviously did not have any problems and those that did. And what is to become of this product that held so many possibilities for women to finally be able to control their reproduction with essentially minor surgery and cost? I was very hopeful that this product would fill a much needed solution to a most pressing problem.

    • Cherlyn Schaefer

      I agree with you. I had mine done just this year in April and while it’s coming up on my 6 month “anniversary” for having this done, I have not had any issues with anything either. After reading all of this I am great full that I have not had any issues and hope that I do not have any issues. I do however think the product needs more testing because it seems far too many women are having complications. I debated asking my OB/GYN to have mine removed but since I haven’t had any problems yet, I’m sure she wont even think about it. I wanted to have my “tubes tied” 7 years ago after I had my first child but no one I spoke to (in Los Angeles) would do the procedure… Told me I had to have 2 children and the youngest had to be 2 … otherwise I might regret having it done. I now have 3 children… Love them all, but 1 would have been ok with me. :) I think more doctors need to be open to how we feel, and not how society things we will feel… I sure hope I do not turn out to be one of many it seems who have had issues, and I hope all those with issues find doctors who will take care of their needs without telling them it’s all in their heads. I (so far) am happy with my procedure and wish everyone could feel the same way.

  79. chale

    I have had the essure for about a year and 7months. I haven’t had a single issue with the coils. The only difference now is i get my period every 5-6 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. One time i had bad cramps that kept me in bed the first day of my period but it hasnt happened since. I hope all women that are having complications get the reversal they need, but i dont think the essure is a bad method. Like any other method out there it may work better for some patients than it does for others. Some womens bodies can cooperate others maybe not so much. But i do believe if complications arise insurance companies should definitely pay to help. Its not a “change of mind” , its simply something that went wrong.

  80. jaci

    I had the implants 10 months ago and went to the emergency room a couple days ago for severe pain only to find out I am 6 weeks pregnant. The implants fell out! What can I do?

    • k

      Are you on Facebook Essure problems? If not, joining is highly recommended. There are other ladies pregnant. Many, many with issues. You need tests to make sure they didn’t migrate somewhere else in your abdominal cavity. I am so sorry you have experienced so much pain & have Ben placed in the position with a pregnancy. Ask to join that page if you haven’t, it is very active & full of wonderful, strong women

      • For all the ladies on this thread, if you haven’t joined the group Essure Problems on Facebook you should. I did and it has been wonderful talking to other women with the same problems I am having. They is a lot of support in that group. Also there are ladies in the group that are in touch with Erin Brockovich about creating a class action lawsuit against the makers of Essure. We keep each other very up to date on things that are going on with our lives and symptoms and what the drs are or are not doing to help us. We need to all band together if we want our voices to be heard.

    • Its sad that we depend on doctors who do not tell the full truth, I had the essure done and now I am facing pain, getting sick, and my left pelvic area has developed a mass that is causing me to fo through seeing a general surgeon that my obgyn referred and getting a biopsy> I wish I could tell every woman to stay away from essure, it is not safe.

  81. jaci

    I have also had pain the entire time since I had the implants

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  83. nikki gorte

    I two had the procedure done after my two year old was born, and no one tolld me the side affects. i didnt want my tubes tied people told me that was painful so my doctor told me about this essure and its fairly new but seems to be workiing. ua well pain with everything

  84. Kelly

    Well…. I had the procedure done in July 2011 and I had no issues until last week…..I missed my period for the first time. I took 3 pregnancy tests and they all came up positive. I went to my ob/gyn and just my luck….I am 5 weeks pregnant!!!! Dang it!!

    • k

      If you haven’t already, please go to Facebook, there is a group called Essure Problems…there are other women who have been pregnant & many other issues. It is an excellent group of smart, caring, woman. There are over 500 members easy. Sorry you were placed in this situation & Essure failed you. I wish you strength.

    • Jessica


      I completely understand if you have mixed emotions. I was late this month also! I also bought a pregnancy test, it was negative. I already had an appt booked with my OB/GYN this week so talk about the Essure and she assured me I wasn’t prego. I can’t get in to see an allergist to see if I have a nickel allergy until mid December..good thing I’m not dying, lol..Then my gyn want to have an ultrasound to check everything..that is in January 2013! I will keep you all posted. Kelly..good luck and any baby that is conceived is a blessing:)


  85. Annissa Voss

    I had the Essure procedure June 2012. So far everything is fine with the procedure. My health is PHENOMENALLY better! My concern is why are some of you having a sterilization procedure in your 20’s. I am 44 and had NEVER been taken seriously about sterilization until now. I have no children, but near the age of 30, I was diagnosed with a life changing illness. It does not shorten my life, but it will shorten my mobility. With my medicine for the illness and birth control, I felt like I was sick, all the time. I decided on Essure to eliminate those horrible birth control pills. It took me 4 whack male doctors before finding a doctor (female) to perform Essure and thermachoice. Now, the female doctor missed that I am allergic to iodine/shellfish, it took a gaggle of calls to the radiology practice AND the doctor’s office coupled with a call to my regular gynecologist AND Essure to decide that I am going to a hospital to have the HSG confirmation. I’m going to be keep watch of my health, but more importantly my boyfriend of six years and I are not the 1% failure rate. I wish all of you the best with your health problems due to Essure. I am a firm believer that we women are more right than wrong about our bodies, EVEN if, we can not explain it. Love and peace to all of you.

  86. jessica

    I had this done in september of 2011. Im experiencing pains, night sweats, major major problems with pms eithier none at all or almost all month long. I have gained 50 lbs and i havent changed my diet i have even cut down on my eating but nothing i cant shake the weight. Im only 25 and i want to know what can i do. Granted i never went back to have the final test where they run the dye in to make sure tubes are blocked and i dont have insurance. And my insurance was medicade and it had ran out before the 3 month dye test was scheduled. Thanks for all your help in advance.

  87. Angie

    Please go to
    A website set up by Erin Brokovich. There is a petition there to sign, and a place to add your story. She is working on litigation.
    Also the Facebook page Essure Problems is a great place to join.

  88. eugena Clevenger

    I have had the essure for 4 month and started have a lot of health issues. Nausea,stomache problems,tingling fingers and toes. Back pain insomnia. The list goes on and on. I have never had any health problems til I got the essure. I thought the essure would be perfect since me and my husband didn’t want anymore children. I was wrong.

  89. jenn

    I had the essure done june 16 I bled for four monthe straight its now november and I still haven’t had the xray part and I still have no period I’m concerned

    • jenn

      I’m gonna take a prego test tomorrow I’ve been having heart palputations

      • Jessica


        Do you have any pregnancy signs? I love my kids but we all did this for a reason, so we would not get pregnant again. I am honestly scared to death to get pregnant again. I already have 5 (3 are mine, 2 step) children, a dog, a cat, 2 fish and we live in a 3 bedroom 1 story ranch! Good luck Jenn, I believe any baby is a gift and is meant to be..Keep us posted!

    • k

      Please join A GRoup on Facebook called Essure Problems……it is invaluable! Please it will be worth ….your sanity. There are many wonderful women there

  90. annie richard

    So i had my essure done a few yrs ago after trying tons of birth controls that failed and made me sick… now i live in pain and sick all the time .. cramping bleeding not bleeding breast tenderness headaches nauses gassy abdominal pains pinchy feelings painful intercourse… i have been complaining for yrs and nothing.. i might have to switch doctors … i am so unhappy with this choice.. i do not wish this on anyone .

  91. Kris

    I had essure done after the birth of my 4th child in Sept. 2011. The original process and follow up were not bad. However for the past 6 six months weird things are happening. I am suddenly unable to eat acidic foods, I feel like I’m always on the verge of a UTI, periods that drag out for 9 days, every so often horrible pelvic pain, headaches, pain in both my sides, feelings of fuzzy head, no sex drive, very tired but can’t sleep, can’t get myself motivated to do anything and moodiness! I’m not saying all these are related to essure but some of them maybe! I just want to feel normal again!

  92. Melissa R

    I had the essure devices put in in September of 2010 and I have had a bunch of problems since then. I have gone to several doctors and even ended up in the er due to horrific pain in my abdomen. My periods are more irregular, I have pain almost daily, if I move wrong the pain can be bad enough to take my breath away. I can’t seem loose any weight around my stomach no matter what I do. I never used to have issues with have problems with feeling warm, now I can’t seem to stay cool ever. I’m only 27 and it feels like I have hot flashes. I want the devices out and not sure where to turn. I have had nothing but problems and not sure where to go or what to do. Help please.

    • k

      These are all symptoms many of us have experienced. There is a group on Facebook called Essure Problems. I highly recommend it. It is a wonderful group that has become quite large. There is a ton of information, reporting to FDA, petition created by Erin Brockovich to change laws, Ect. Hope you can get help soon…the New Year is approaching & you need to feel better! I had mine removed & have my life back! I wish the same for you! I am sorry for all your suffering. Please visit the site & join! It has brought sanity back at the very least for so many of us. There are close to 900 very caring, supportive, intelligent women who will welcome you.

  93. jae

    I had essur done 6 yrs ago and have had stomach issues since… just got diagnost with cervical cancer I was a healthy woman before the procedure. When I go to the hospital the doctors or nurses don’t even know what essure is they have to Google it

  94. Jade Pollay

    i am 24 & i had the essure procedure in nov of ’10, 2 months after the birth of my son via emergency csection. i didnt want to have another surgery for a tubal and my doctor told us this new procedure was SO much easier than a vesectomy. it seemed like the perfect option for us. i could be back with the kids the next day, no real recovery needed! the procedure itself was extremely painful, much more than they prepared me for. the right side was done quickly but the left took at least 30 min bc they had a hard time placing the coil. there was an essure rep there with my doctor, assisting him as well. Afterwards, i went home, i was crampy but overall okay and was back to normal the next day as promised. My husband and i were VERY pleased, especially after my horrible surgery experience with my csection. I remember thinking how awesome it was that this was possible. fast forward a year later and my periods had started gradually getting longer and heavier. by the end of year one, i was having my period almost non stop. it was usually 3 weeks on and 1 week off. i would also bleed every time i had sex with my husband and was having terrible cramps. over the rest of that year, i saw my ob/gyn constantly and he tried telling me my hormones were out of balance and we tried multiple types of birth control to bring everything back in balance. during all this time, the bleeding was getting worse. to the point where i was wearing tampons and a heavy flow pad every day. i was afraid to be out long bc i would ruin my clothes. i began keeping extra jeans in my car just in case. i had also begun having almost constant pelvic pain, not terrible but a dull ache was always there. i was finally put on a birth control that got my bleeding back under control and was SO happy! i thought we had finally figured it out and my life would return to normal. however, within a month the bleeding had been replaced with this odd discharge with a bad odor and the pelvic pain increased. i returned to the doctor, thinking i had some soft of infection. the doctor did a vaginal exam and discovered a mass on my cervix. at the time he thought it was a prolapsed fibroid. he did a biopsy right then and sent me to have a ct scan as well, just in case. I returned to his office a few days later only to discover that i had small cell cancer in my uterus and cervix and it was trying to grow into my bladder. i am in the process of beginning chemotherapy & radiation and then will have a full hysterectomy. i dont know if what has happened to me has anything to do with the Essure procedure, but all i know is this – i was a perfectly healthy person before i had the procedure and my life has been hell ever since. Now i am facing the worst thing a person can face. i am at risk of losing my life and leaving my husband and 3 children behind. SO, if you are reading this and trying to decide if the Essure procedure is worth the risk – i would say NO, it definately isnt. if i could go back and do it again, i wouldn’t. my husband will now never forgive himself for letting be talked out of a vasectomy bc my doctor told us this was the “easier, less invasive route” DONT make the same mistake i did.

    • k

      First, let me say how truly sorry I am. I am hoping you have had replys since I am just reading this. I too suffered from Essure. I am part of a wonderful group on Facebook called Essure Problems. I highly, highly recommend it. Enough can not be said there. Did the Dr ever say if a coil misfired or anything. There is also usually a rep in the room when the Dr is still training. My concern is that this mass could possibly have been caused by a coil that was not placed properly. I am not a Dr by any means. But these coils contain pet fibers that cause scar tissue to grow. In other women where the coil has been misplaced or dislodged, the coil(s) have attached to other organs such as bladder, colon, Ect. I pray for you & your family. Again, I am so deeply sorry & saddened by your situation. Please join the group if you haven’t. We also have Erin Brockovich helping so we can try & change a medical device pre emption law. The FDA should also be aware. If the mass is removed, I would def request it be dissected by the pathologist to look for a coil or part of one. I would request all Dr notes & records. Also, a fluoroscopic xray can detect particles. I would have one before removed, even if in OR & if necessary, after. They should also just see if the devices placed are still where they should be. Maybe one or part of one is a culprit.Again, I do not know, I am not a Dr or even a nurse, just a former sufferer. If there is a situation as to the original placement, I would think conceptus should be held responsible since.there was a rep. My opinion only. Please look at the group recommended…it has been invaluable. There are a thousand smart, wonderful, caring women. Prayers

  95. Amber Shermanan

    i had just got the ensure done January 2nd…i just had sex last night and it hurt and im still kinda hurting..i want to know why?

  96. May I just say what a relief to find somebody that genuinely knows
    what they’re discussing on the net. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people must read this and understand this side of the story. I can’t believe you aren’t more popular given that you most certainly have the gift.

  97. i have the essure and it has made me hurt really bad and bleed relly heavy and i dont want it no more

  98. tanya

    My essure has been hell. Constant pain and just found out one of the emplants are broken. Dr says its normal and theres nothing to worrie about. Well frankly it hurts n i dont like having my period for 2-3 weeks at a time. Err so annoyed.

    • k

      This is NOT ok!!!!! Please join Facebook, Essure Problems, tell your story, a thousand smart, caring women will help. They all are or have suffered from Essure. Your health could be at great risk. That broken coil could float anywhere & lodge to anything, bladder, colon, Ect

  99. jammie aponte

    I have posted on here a couple weeks ago and I have seen that I am not alone.. I have contacted a lawyer and I am forcing him to research into this he is good if anyone would like to call the number is 215-592-1000 I think if we start telling our stories we can get a lawsuit started!! If women call with the same issues I think something will be something will be done

  100. Check out Erin brokavich site!

  101. k

    There is a pre emption law that protects this device. There is a group on Facebook called Essure Problems, I highly recommend it. We ha be a petition as well by a very well known activist who is working with us to try & help change the law.

  102. Lilly

    Good morning everyone. I’m 35 andI just had Essure placed on the 18th of this month and have been scrolling through sites to see if I can find info on how long I would have my period immediately after the procedure…obiously everyone is different.

    Here’s a brief history…raped at knife point at 14 while in foster care and case worker called me a wh*re and said I deserved it. At that time, I hadn’t gotten my periods yet, but the state decided to put me on Noroplant. I had horrible results and ended up having it removed. I was married at 18 to a wife beating rapist that lasted seven years…my third husband held a loaded gun to my head while my son slept in the next room. I’m in a highly committed relationship but we have a lot going on and are content with our family (I have a son from my second marriage who is almost ten and he has a son age 22 and a daughter who is almost fifteen-different moms). I’m also a full time Criminal Justice student and have a full time job as well. We terminated a pregnancy in 2010 because we knew it was the right choice for all involved.
    My sweetheart and I made a joint decision to have the Essure done because I cannot afford the down time a tubal would create and it seemed like the best choice. We did a lot of research and read all the pros and cons involved in it. The day after, I was in a bit of pain, but nothing serious. Because of me being placed on birth control before I even had regulated periods, my OB says that is the reason I have never had normal periods. I would have it for three months straight then not have it for a week then have it for five months with a few weeks break after.
    So far, after only having the Essure in for 3-4 days, it has worked out well. I have an appointment set up for the dye test and will continue to use my pills until I get confirmation that things are the way they should be. We have discussed the ‘what if’ of me getting pregnant while on this and if I do, then I do and we will provide our child with a warm and loving home.
    Best of luck to all of you and I will keep you posted on how things go.

  103. lwarren583

    I have had a horrifying experience with Essure. I had the coils done in 2009 in Virginia. I moved to Oregon two months later. From day one the pain never went away and it was never spotting. It was a constant blood flow. I saw doctor after doctor and tried to explain but most doctors here claimed they had never heard of Essure. I continued to have severe pain and literally constant bleeding until I was near death. January of 2010 I was taken to the E.R. by ambulance. I had leaned over to pick something up and felt this excruciating pain. Then it felt like a valve busted open so-to-speak. I went to the bathroom and blood was pouring out of me. It wouldn’t stop. I called 911 and was taken to the E.R. I was steadily losing blood. The hospital kept me for awhile but ended up sending me home with a blood count of 3. Six hours later I returned still pouring out blood and my blood count was down to 2. They had to rush me in for surgery. The coils had completely destroyed the inside of my uterus. I had pockets inside of pockets on top of pockets from all the blood from the coils scrapping against my uterus. The scar tissue building had pushed them further into my uterus because they were not properly placed when first implanted. I ended up have an ablation, DNC and the doctor removed the coils. It’s been 3 years and I still have severe cramping that doubles me over. I have never been able to carry my children on my hips or piggy back rides or anything because the pain will come full force out of no where and im on the ground in pain before you can blink your eyes and I’m afraid of falling with one of my children and them ending up getting hurt. Having the implants done was supposed to be permanent yet I had done enough research to know that it could in fact still be reversed. Today I am left completely un-reversable and still experiencing the horrors form Essure. I pray that we can get it discontinued. A lawsuit would merely be a bonus.

  104. cassie

    I jad the procedure done 6 months ago and ever since I’ve had back pain, stomach pains, abdominal pain and no sex drive cuz it hurts almost every time…do u think its because of the essure procedure? And if so what should I do?

  105. Elizabeth

    I have had nothing but issues since having the essure done back in August 2012. I’ve had spotting or bleeding almost non stop. It is now the end of January. I am completely depressed. It is affecting my relationship because he is afraid to touch me on the days I am not spotting in fear I will start again. My dr told me I was being hostile when I complained. He left the coil hanging out and now I am going back to have him clip it off. But after that I am getting a new dr. I am miserable. If I wasn’t going to have sex I sure as heck didnt need the essure. If this was a man and he was bleeding like that you bet people would take notice. But for a woman we are told that we have to wait it out. Essure sucks!

  106. Sandra Tennell

    Hi my name is Sandra Tennell I have the essure too I need it reversal or remored i am having some problems with essure.

  107. Krista

    Not sure if this has to do with essure completely, but after I had the procedure in January 2011, I bled so bad, I would fill a tampon and pad in an hour and did so for 3 entire months. I was told that it was probably related to the Depo shot that I was given to get me by until procedure was verified. It was verified and soon after, the constant bleeding ceased. My period has always been irregular since I was a young girl. Since the essure, it has been normal, super heavy but it lasts 3-4 days exact and cycle is exactly 28 days in length. In the past 5.5 months, I have lost 74lbs and have also notice my hair starting to fall out (enough that I have to clean brush out twice a day)… and I’m ONLY 27 years old!! I just received a notification on my cell from “my days” app in which I keep tract of my cycle, and I am 7 days late. This is a first! I’m more worried about the SIGNIFICANT weight loss, extreme sweating all the time, and horrible hair loss!! Any advise? I don’t know what to do!!! I’m a nurse so I’m going to notify my doctor tomorrow for advise and get my labs drawn this week and go from there. Does anyone know if there are any attorneys dealing with side effects of essure??

  108. Mommy of 4 boys

    Had Essure 3 years ago and took pregnancy test yesterday… Too my surprise PREGNANT… I’m having many mixed emotions, I also have had night sweats and weight gain after the procedure… I definitely would NOT recommend this procedure to anyone.

  109. Jo town

    Don’t do it that sums it all up it was surely the worst decision I have made for my body , late periods or none or ova the top periods huge pain and the list goes on .. Find another way this is not something I would recommend to any one

  110. danielle

    I’ve read a lot of the posts. I had essure done in 2009. My Dr than advise of all possible side effects. I do have a heavy period and some lower back pain but nothing intolerable. My Dr also put me on the depo shot 6 weeks after I had my son for me there was no sex in that time. Also at the same of getting the depo shot is when I had my procedure done. My Dr said I had to have another birth control for 6 months while waiting for the scar tissue to build around the coils. I did as was reccomended by my Dr. And haven’t had. Any issues with getting pregnant or other major problems. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones. But I don’t think its all bad.

  111. Jennifersudduth

    I have had the Essure since December 2006 and I regret it but don’t have the money to get it reversed and my doctor that performed the procedure doesn’t reverse them

  112. Ryean ray

    Hello ladies, I’m 26 and have 4 babies! I got the essurre done 10/19/12. Before that I got the depo shot sept 19th at my 6wk check up! So after that got fixed and I had a period nov 2012 also dec 2012 it was HORRIBLE LOTS OF CRAMPS!! Jan 2013 I spotted only 4days and now it’s feb 2013 no period !

  113. cel

    Hi I had essure done in late 2009. I really have’nt had any issues such as the ones you are talkking about. I had it done, went home and slept. I was concerned about cramping after but glad to say, all went well. its been a little over 3 years now and no problems. My periods are heavy but it could be after four kids. I do get the usual cramps, back pains and mood swings that normally accompany PMS. However, I have spent over an hour searching if its possible to get pregnant and ran into this page that scares me! I’m late! I’m hungry! Tired! Crabby! Naturally curious to see if others are going through the samething and if they got pregnant and had successful deliveries.

  114. Rachel Hargrave

    I had mine done 3 years ago pain on one side. I have also have been hot to a lot . Anyone else have had this problem? No sweating just like feeling like a heating pad.

  115. Ashlee

    Hello ladies,
    I am a little terrified reading all these comments of having essure removed:/ I haven’t had any problems since I had this procedure done 7 months ago, but this month I have had a menstrual cycle for month long, it’s not really heavy but it’s definitely enough too notice, anyone else have this problem????

  116. I had the essure procedure done in June of 2011. I started having pains on the left side (this was the side that the doctor had trouble with) it was like a poking feeling then as my cycle started the pain would become worse. I started having yellowish foul smelling discharge thought it was a std but it wasn’t. I finally convinced the doctor something was wrong and he did a diagnostic laproscopy 2/28/13 and found the the essure coil on the right side was not in my tube but on the outside and scar tissue was growing on the outside of the tube. He removed the easier off the right side it is still in the left and I still feel that paim on the left. This has been a nightmare and I am telling anyone that is thinking of this procedure do something else this was the worst decision of my life.

  117. dianelys

    I when on 4/12 to get essure and the camera wasnt working mind u they had me prepared and ready to go…they dilated me and everthing, so I when today 4/20 the dr started doing procedure and got mad cuz coils wouldnt stay in and got up and said see u in a week..I was so mad a went off and fuck u im not coming back u either do it or give me birth control, I got my birth control and left im in so much pain…all I want to do is cry…

  118. Amy

    Ladies, I stumbled across this blog last night & I’m full of gratitude for you sharing all your personal experiences. My heart goes out to all of you in hearing the emotional, physical & spiritual pain you endure after having this proceedure. After each story I read, I lifted you up in prayer believing God for breakthrough & victory on your behalf.

    I wanted to share with you that your stories reached me JUST IN TIME! I was scheduled for the ESSURE proceedure this morning at 5:30. After not being able to sleep last night, I got online to look for a few answers to some last minute questions I had. It was then that God led me to this blog & after reading your experiences for 1 1/2 hours, I woke my husband to share what I had learned. As a result, we made the decision to cancel my proceedure & I did so at 1AM. Hearing what y’all have gone through removed the peace I had in proceeding & I don’t go anywhere without the peace of God.

    I hold you close to my heart & will
    Continue to lift yall up! You have made a difference in my life, health & family. I would love nothing more than to start seeing stories of victory for each of you! God bless & feel free to reach out to me for prayer! I will link arms with you!

    I believe God is the God of ALL impossibles & it’s His joy to do the miraculous. It’s our job to believe! May strength, wisdom, health & victory be yours!

    Amy R.

  119. Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges.
    It was really informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  120. terria

    I got the essure procedure done back in 2008 after my second child. First off, it wasnt the “quick, painless, and wonderful procedure the drs and pamphlets led on to be. The performing dr inserted coil #1 into where ever she saw fit only to hurry and remove it then tell me that that tube was already blocked. Then the cramps were not mild to moderate (maybe had the procedure had been done right) but because it wasnt, i was in almost as much pain as labor contractions with no epidural! Now my menstral cycles are murder in the 1st degree if they even come on time! I dont know if im possibly pregnant or just really late. I wish i never had the essure done and kept with the depo shots!

  121. heather

    I had the essure procedure done in December 2010. I’ve severe cramping, fatigue and weight gain since.

  122. kiera case

    I just got this procedure in March of 2013 and I have had constant pains and my periods have become ten times worse then they have ever been. I do not recommend this to anyone.

  123. Brianna

    I had the essure done may 2012. I had the dye test done and they said my tubes were blocked. I am now a few days late. I’m nauseousand my heads been hurting and I’m tired all the time. Alsoboth times I was pregnant I had yeast infections constantly. I have one now… So now I am wondering if I should take a pregnancy test. These are all the same symptoms I had when I was pregnant. Oh and ever since I had the procedure done it hurts to have sex. It feels like the coils are stabbing my uterine wall. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

  124. I had my essure procedure done March 2012
    It was not as painful as the blockage test afterwards. I have blockage on the right side but the left side did not take. I don’t have normal cycles and when I do the cramps are painful and I only see blood when I use the restroom. I visited the Facebook group you mentioned it is very informative. Wish I knew all this before I had the procedure. Thanks for sharing and allowing others to share.


  125. Shanda Morris

    I have had so many problems since my Essure was implanted. I work for a local attorney and I’m very much considering filing a law suite against this product. I’m so tired of the lack of sex drive, lower back pain, spotting, and man other side effects. This is not in my head and I sure didn’t pay all this money to have it implanted just to turn around a few years later and have the damn thing removed. I am so tired of my OBGYN telling me it’s not the product when I had none of these prodblems prior to this implant. My children have lost a piece of their mom and my poor husband has lost a piece of his wife. I am not the same women I wants was. I am not a “feel sorry for me” type of person, so that is why I feel a major law suite coming on… I am pissed!!! Sorry for the language but enough is enough!!!

  126. jerrilea

    Has anyone got pregnant after the coil came out??? because mine has worked its way half way out and is it in my uterus and I was told I could possibly get pregnant now…I was just wondering if anyone else has??please let me know thank you very much……

  127. Leanne Gaughran

    I have had the problems many of these women complain of…
    I have just found out that I am in menopause … At 37. Does anyone know of a lawyer that would take in a case like this? Or is there any class action suits? Help!

  128. mayra

    I had the essure procedure done 3 months ago. I had the HSG done and one side is not blocked. i’m having minor abdominal pain when I run and exercise. i’m worried that is going to start hurting more and have more issues. My OB is doing research on it and she mentioned removing it. I didn’t want to have surgery and now it seems like that’s the best option? Any thoughts?

  129. Niki

    I would be curious to know which generation of implant people have. I have the first generation ESS205 implanted Dec 6, 2006 after and IUD failure that nearly punctured my uterus before falling out!. I have had some issues but can’t directly relate them to the procedure. For instance, I am now having a “degeneration” of the bones in my hips and lower spine, the bursa in my hips are gone and I have daily pain as my joints rub together. I have developed kidney and bladder infections – I never had them prior. I have PMS symptoms and longer heavier periods (my periods were light pink spotting for 2-3 days and are now at min 4 days of heavy flow with clotting) I often experience sharp stabbing pains in my uterus. They last a second or two then go away for days or weeks then show up again. My left fallopian tube/ovary region aches several days of the month.
    I did not have the dye study done because my husband also had a vasectomy in the weeks before my procedure when his follow ups showed a negative sperm count I was advised that I did not need the dye study. I have had an abdominal MRI and CT scan since but do not know if/where the coils are in regards to those tests – One was to assess damage after a car accident and one was to assess the need for surgery due to a kidney infection.
    After reading this page, I wonder if my issues are related to the coils.


    I had the Essure but in on March 2013. My doctor told me this product was better then having my tubes tied. In August 2013 My doctor told me I was safe and I could not get pregnant but the beginning of September I found out I was three weeks pregnant. I was super sad I have four kids this will be my fifth. My husband and I do not know what we are going to do to take care of another baby I just had one nine months ago. I also found out that one of the tubes has went threw the tube wall. Now my doctor is telling me she has to remove my tubes. Not sure how I feel about this but very upset with the misinformation about Essure.

  131. Case

    OMG, I’m soooo glad I found this website among a few others. My Gyn recommended Essure to me yesterday vs the old fashioned tubal ligation. He had the whole selling point down: no surgery, light sedation, 45 min recovery, slight cramping. After reading this WHOLE page and comments, I’m going the old fashioned tubal ligation route! I have no desire to get pregnant again nor to have a hysterectomy when Essure fails. A hyst is an up to 6 week recovery, not cool. You ladies have saved me from days, months, or years of pain. Eternally thankful to you all!!

  132. Carrie

    I had the essure done in October of 2012 and since I have had it done, well first let me start by saying the pre procedure that I had to go through was horrible.. Then after having them in I have had unsteady periods.. heavy flow, my sides hurt so bad it feels like metal rubbing metal.. I have so much pain and stomach cramping from this and my doctor ordered a ultrasound but she seems to not want to do anything about this pain its almost as if she just don’t want to believe that its the essure that’s causing all these problems..please someone help me with the next step…at night I wake up in a wet bed because I go through night sweats almost like a panic attack..i would never advise anyone to use this form of birth control it is a insult to women…its painful and embarrassing when you have to keep changing your cloths or bed linen due to this. my husband freaks out sometimes he tries to help as much as possible but this pain this pain…

  133. melanie

    I have had the essure since November 2012 an it seems like every body i talk to even doctors have never heard of it an since I’ve had it done all i have is the constant pain in my sides heavy bleeding and i just went for a MRI the other day an they are not safe in those machines there really needs to be more info out on the Essure cause im only 24 wish i would have done something else

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