Newest Essure Report Released

“This 10-year global study explores the commercial use of Essure by approximately 500,000 women. The new data tracks closely with Essure’s clinical effectiveness rate of 99.8% based on four years of follow-up with zero pregnancies reported in clinical trials. “

Essure Report

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A mom, wife and writer. Writing for different companies including financial, parenting, automotive. But my passion is tubal reversal. There are so many women who regret having their tubes tied and have no idea this surgery is available. I am lucky to be blessed with a great family, a wonderful career and the ability to help get the word out to help others through my writing.

45 responses to “Newest Essure Report Released

  1. vervilledeb1

    After reading this report I again shake my head the the actual number of women that are having the procedure. I have a feeling this is just the “tip of the iceberg”.

    • Angela mills

      I had this procedure in 2005 and never had medical problems. The last years I have racked up over $15,000 in medical bills(my share after insurance). I have asked each doctor if it was related to the essure procedure and have been told no. After reading about others I know it’s the essure. It is nice to see others with all the same symptoms. I am tired of getting no where with all the tests and money I have paid. Nice to know the cause. I have never been in a lawsuit but would like to join a class action of anybody knows one. I would have never tried this procedure if these side effects were clearly explained and disclosed. We researched it and this is not right. Do not get this procedure. The pains are so bad some days I would rather go through child birth. Rant all you want!

  2. Injured

    The problems are not being reported by the drs to the FDA about the problems. They also can claim it is not a product failure if the doesn’t have the follow up HSG. Even if they had it, the company will sometimes say the dr or the radiologist didn’t read the HSG results correctly. Then if that doesn’t work then they can claim that nothing is 100%. The drs don’t report the problems I think because they are afraid that maybe they did something wrong. You face a brick wall if you have problems with this procedure. I have come to realize that since the drs are getting some huge incentives that until the problems become so prevalent & they can no longer deny them, the drs will keep performing this procedure. Ask the drs if they can really assure you that the metal coils won’t migrate. Can they be sure that the nickel in the metal coils will not leech into the surrounding tissue over time. I’m so frustrated with this product & the drs. I really feel like just going to the drs office & throwing one hell of a fit. I don’t care if I get arrested. Maybe the news crew would make a report then. If you all hear of a crazy woman getting arrested over this product you will know it was me. I also have a very large trailer that I may get the magnetic letters & put the drs name, his place of work & the problems with this procedure & drive it up & down the road making sure I drive by his clinic often. I’ve had it with all the crap they keep doing. Sorry for the rant.

  3. Roxanne

    Injured, I am soo happy with your rant!! My doctor promotes the essure on a quite regular basis, and I would love to do it to him. I had to have a hysterectomy because it came out of the tube and attached to my uterus. I told my doctor I did not want it to begin with and he said that he does not do tubal ligations anymore, only the essure. I think he needs to be sued, but can’t find a way to do so. If anyone who is complaining here has/had Dr. Abdul-Aal in Warren, Ohio, you know how he is, and needs to be taken out of the practice. He told me that no one does tubal ligations anymore, and that the essure was my best bet. Obviously he was wrong, and I did find someone that does tubal ligations, after the procedure was done.

    • Amber

      My dr also told me “no one does the old tubal ligation anymore”, blah, blah, blah…and how great Essure is, and how the chances of any side affects are virtually 0%.

      I was about to make my appointment to get the procedure done, but I thought I’d do a little research first. I NEVER thought I’d find these kinds of problems I’m reading here (and other websites)!

      I will NOT be having this procedure. And now I want a different doctor! I trusted him.

      I’m so glad I found this site. Thank you all for sharing your horror stories. You are helping so many women to see the truth about Essure, and saving them from getting it. I’m so sorry you are going through all of this! Makes me SO angry!!

    • I had the produce in 06 and 2010, i had hysterectomy, because they came out and attached to my uterus..i love to sue anyone do anything to help get.these off the market, my current husband has no children we wanted one only to find out i need surgery…

      • Julia Graham

        I have been having health issues for a very long time. I had the procedure done in October of 2009 after having my son. I noticed that my period was different, my headaches were unbearable, pain when having sex, what felt like UTI’s all of the time but not testing positive and constant pain in the pain where the coils were. I kept saying that it felt like I just had the procedure done. I have seen so many doctors, had CT’s, blood work done and nothing. I went at the beginning of May 2013 to see another gynecologist and he diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis. He put me on uribel (medication) and told me to come back to do an ultrasound and have a follow-up. I went in this morning and found out that I had a “foreign object” in my uterus. The object is the coils from my essure procedure. I just started doing research and found all of these horror stories. Since I’ve had my son, I got divorced and found the person that I am meant to spend the rest of my life with. We are getting married this July and I was going to see my Dr about the options for me to have another baby after having essure. After everything I’ve read on line, I am realizing that wanting another baby and my options are now the least of my concerns about the essure procedure. My uterus being severely damaged and/or my tubes, the cost of having them removed and all the health issues I have been having being linked to it is far more devastating than not being able to conceive. I feel so scared, defeated and don’t even know where to start to have this rectified. I consider myself a strong person but I’m genuinely scared.

      • Famof6

        What were your symptoms of this? Wondering if that’s what I’m experiencing.

  4. cliff dweller

    I had the essure procedure done, at 3 months follow up one tube was closed the other not yet occluded. Just had a second check done (7 months post) and the one tube is still not occluded. Was told that 3 percent are not occluded after 3 months, but by 6 months post, it has 100 percent efficacy. Interesting, because the nurse I spoke with after the procedure today said she’s seen a few that didn’t work . I asked how many, she said she’s worked there 6 months and has seem 4 failures, I asked if these were after 3 or 6 months; she said after 6 month. I asked “Four out of how many?” “Ten” was her response. The guy doing the radiology check asked if I was considering a hysterectomy?! I’m 42 and there’s nothing wrong with me. So NO, I am not. But what next? I guess go for a tubal; although I am now in a small backwoods town; a little weary of that.

    • injured

      Wow that is a pretty high failure rate. If four failed out of ten procedures then that is bad. Please make a report to the fda. They make it complicated but this info needs to be made known. You can key in FDA adverse event reporting form for medical devices. I believe that the reason Essure can claim such high sucess rates is that those reports aren’t being made by the drs. They are supposed to make those reports but they apparently don’t. I know that they didn’t in my well documented case. I’m sort of pondering this thought but since so many want to blame the failed procedures on the drs, why can’t we just start naming the places where the failed procedures occurred to see if that will help women. I really don’t believe that the drs are to blame for a procedure that just has way too many things that can go wrong but I do hold them accountable for the fact that they are willing to keep doing this because of the incentives instead of thinking about what is best for the patient. People do not realize how much it can cost when you have one of these procedures that goes bad or doesn’t work. I truly wish the procedure had worked for you. I don’t wish any bad on anyone. I’m so sorry that you have to go thru this but please let your story be known to other women so they may not have to face the same problems. I’m still paying on medical bills related to all of this. I just pay them what I can each month. Thats all I can do. They threaten to sue me often but since I make monthly payments routinely they can’t do much.

      • injured

        Oh I forgot to add that in addition to the financial burden that this can cause, the emotional roller coaster that can occur when something is wrong & no one will listen. The bs you have to put up with from the drs. The drs trying to make you feel like you are crazy & learning that the people that we have depended on to help us with our health don’t really have your best interests in mind. That they don’t care if they hurt you, they just want to make money.

  5. cliff dweller

    Talked to gyno last week. I am looking at having a tubal ligation after failed essure (7 months post).
    Spoe with original gyno who did the procedure in another state. She was surprised; said she’d never seen a failure to occlude after 6 months. She concluded with the other gyno that tubal ligation would be the next step. And said that id I did become pregnant now, my risks of a tubal pregnancy are 50% and that would be life threatening. I asked about risks, and she mentioned a concern would if they burned the tubes too close to the implant, but that shouldn’t happen.

    Wish I’d looked at the FDA study before I decided on the procedure. They were really only reporting on two years of follow up of women in the study; women who were about to have hysterectomies anyway.

    Feeling stupid with lots o regret. I usually research the hell out of things, but my doctor made me confident about the procedure, and with anxiety, I sometimes avoid too much researching as that can mess with my head and lead me to take no action.

    I don’t recall any discussion about potential nickle allergy when my gno explained the procedure. Shouldn’t there be a test for that before? Now I’m a little freaked because I am sensitive to a lot of things. Wish these we’re in me and that I’d just gone with the tubal.

    Still, trying not to read too much on this because with anxiety it can really f*** with my head.

    Anyone else have a tubal ligation after a failure of properly placed tubes to occlude and willing to share how it went, I would appreciate that.

    Also, how to file a complaint with FDA? Anyone have a link to the forms? What ind of feedback are people getting from the FDA?

  6. tiffany reedy

    i had essure in april of 2010 and have nothing but problems since…i have headaches everyday….nasea vomiting…digestive problems…lower back pain cramping dizzy spells to the point of almost passing out and the list goes on and on….i really wish i would have researched this procedure before i got it….if you know any woman thinking of getting this procedure done please have them look it up first…the issues it causes should be enough to scare them away from it…..i hope…i wouldnt wish this pain on my worst enemy

    • Corrina

      Hi I had this procedure in 2010 and everything you described is the same exact things im going through. Can we sue?

      • i have headaches fatigue that is debilitating sometimes a constant dizziness ive gained weight ive been told it was probable m.s however the only marker is a couple of lesions nothing else at all drs have told me i was depressed which i am beginning to feel that way cause no one seems to know why i feel this way it started approximately in december of 2011 i got them in jan of that year ive been out of work since pretty much march 2012 i tried to go back but dizzy spells were to much aber nd the fatigue was horrible so out again started off in november went to dr in december january nothing was better feb went to endo told nothing was wrong comes the 27th to the e.r with stroke similar symptoms but was told i was fine i just hate how i feel today if essure is to blame i would really like to know

  7. it must be ment!

    i essure done july of 06,hsg oct of 09,vaginial ultrasound because i too had complications july 2010. on november 11,2011 i was informed that i was 12 wks 5 days and my coils were still in place. my pregnancy has been normal after the fact and i am expecting any day.i am really scared due to the fact that i am already a single mother of 3 already with no support.

  8. Stacy Silver

    My Life Is Ruined!….I had the Essure procedure done in Feb. of 2010 on my doctor’s recommendation. I never asked for it but she made it seem like “a cakewalk”. I immediately developed a severe pelvic infection that resisted antibiotics and had to be hospitalized on an IV antibiotic drip. My doctors had to call Infectious Disease Control to be advised of what drugs should be used. Since then I have had numerous UTI’s ( I never had any before Essure and I am almost 42 years old now ). These infections are antibiotic-resistant. I have been constantly sick in every way with digestive problems, migraines, respiratory infections ( including the worst strep throat my doctor has ever seen!), severe back and pelvic pain, unexplained fevers, rashes, severe arthritis, neuropathy in my legs, fibromyalgia and more! I have had several bouts of comprehensive bloodwork and CAT scans. Finally, my PCP told me that my problems must be due to the Essure! A partner in the OBGYN practice that did the procedure said he would not say it was the Essure but that he would do a hysterectomy if that is what I want! He actually left it up to me! I have decided to have the operation because in the two and a half years since Essure I am just getting sicker and sicker. I can’t even take care of my young children! I actually think if I don’t get this poison out of me, I might die! I am planning on suing because I will need the money for my children. This is MY Essure nightmare! If anyone who reads this is having a similar experience, please reply to this post. If you are considering getting the Essure coils put in, DO NOT DO IT! RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Corrina

      I have had alot of the same complications and im wondering the same can I SUE?

      • Does anyone know or has anyone been diagnosed with Cancer AFTER the Essure Procedure was performed. Whether, it was performed a week ago or 4 years ago? Wondering because my WBC is extremely low and my blood has now changed in shape and color..I am trying very hard not to jump to conclusions (C) but was wondering if anyone else had this or is having the same issue?

    • Jessica

      Stacy, I feel as though I am reading my own story..I am a 38 year old woman. I have 3 children and 2 step children. You can see why I wanted to get the Essure.

      Honestly. I had the same exact thing happen to me. I had the essure implanted June 2011. That night into the next morning I had excruating pain, dehydrated, crying, trembling. I went back to my OB/GYN the next day and they admitted me ASAP. I saw Infectous Disease physicians along with my OB/GNY and they put me on morphine, antibiotics, IV. They assumed it was from the Essure procedure that there was some sort of horrible infection. I was in the hospital for 5 days. I was away from my husband and 5 children.

      SInce I had the essure I now have the following heath problems:

      Constant Low back pain. So severe sometimes it makes me cry. When my back hurts I bloat. Its amazing to watch. I told my hubby the other day, watch. Sure enough, my back hurt so much my belly bloated up like a helium balloon filling up.

      I also get:

      Migranes, anxiety, IBS, Bronchitis, constant cough that comes and goes, hot flashes so severe I sweat, low grade fevers, sharp pain on both sides feels like my ovaries hurt or ache all the time. Oh and I am on birth control also because my periods are so heavy..

      I already have osteoarthritis and Fibromylagia.

      When I went to the follow up for the dye test it came back great. No dye leaked through. This does not make a difference to me since I deal with the agony of the Essure coils in my body.

      I do not reccomend the Essure or the Depo. Depo is bad also. If you are 100% sure you do not want any more babies get your tubes tied or be go on pill until you go through menopause. Good luck ladies. If anyone hears of a suit please include me. Thank you for listening.

      • Stacy Silver

        Jessica….I had a hysterectomy almost three weeks ago now. It is UNBELIEVABLE but my severe pain issues immediately lessened tremendously! I woke up in pain from surgery but after a few days I realized that I no longer felt my fibromyalgia, neuropathy of arthritis pain! I no longer am using Fentanyl patches and only a little of my pain pills. I always had back pain due to an auto accident so now it is back to the way it was pre-Essure. I haven’t had a UTI since the surgery and I constantly had a UTI with the Essure in. This may seem like a miracle but it is true and I can explain why. I firmly believe that I (and probably you) had “Implant Syndrome”. This means that we had an autoimmune response to the metals that the coils are made out of. Our bodies are trying to protect themselves from a “foreign invader”. So, once the invader is removed, we can start to get back to normal. It will probably take time for my immune system to get stronger so i do expect to still get sick more than i did before Essure but at least I know I am on the road to recovery. In my opinion, you need to get those coils out of you ASAP! You may have trouble getting a doctor to do a hysterectomy because they will not say Essure is bad or dangerous. A doctor in the group who put the essure in actually agreed to do it even though he didn’t think this would help me. But after TONS of comprehensive testing multiple times and visits to many specialists, he had to admit I had literally tried everything else! I am thrilled to have my suffering eased but I am still furious that i have had to suffer for 2 1/2 years! I want to sue Conceptus for my pain and suffering but also to stop them from doing this to other women. the trouble is that no lawyer has yet begun handling this device in a lawsuit. Mesh, bladder slings, hip implants…yes. Until SOMEONE decides to go after essure, no lawyer wants to do the work involved. i will continue to call every attorney I can think of to try and convince them to stop this product from being used! Meanwhile, please know that there is hope for you. Get Essure out! I will post any updates i can as I continue to fight this battle!

      • BTW everyone, I was Jessica on here. I am now jessicama20045 (same as twitter) :)

    • Tracy

      That is horrible!! When you had the infection did you also have a foul smelling discharge?

    • I am so getting a real tubal ligation, not Essure. I have metal allergies.

  9. Angie
    Erin Brokovichs website starting the fight against Essure.
    Join us!

  10. Jessica


    I had tears in my eyes, reading your story..I am so sorry..Believe me I do know how you feel. I am sick 24/7. Today, was, is a bad day. Nausea all day, weak, tired, fatigued, low back pain,constant throbbing on my ovaries. My body is in a constant infection. I have talked to my GYN and she is on board to remove the essure. However, before I can get it removed I am getting the nickel allergy test Dec. 19, my ultrasound is in January. So I am hoping sometime in early 2013 to get them out and get a hystectomy..All this could have been avoided if my GYN was educated by Conceptus Inc. There should be mandatory nickel testing for all women who are thinking of getting the Essure. BEFORE the coils are inserted. Good Luck Stacy, keep us posted.

  11. jocelyn

    I had pressure procedure last month , Oct. 16, I had my period Nov. 2 , also had protected sex Nov. 18 but until now I didn’t get my period. I did pregnancy test but its negative. What will I do? You think have that’s one of the side effect for having this procedure. Delay period?

  12. Gina

    Ugh i got the procedure done oct 2012 i hav been horribly sik im 25 i hav three wonderful children im a single mom its tought with all the nausea nd headaches moodswings and vomiting back pain constant pain on my left side my periods are normal but i have really bad cramps now which i never had before also my hair has been falling out bad it is so thin now i go jan 16 2013 to do the dye test i just want to be back to normal i am currently breastfeeding my baby seems to always b stuffed up nd sweating at times does anyone know if it has any effect could nickle run throught breastmilk cld i be putting my baby in danger my little one is five months the doctors tell me she has allergies only gives decongestion medicine which doesnt help her can anyone help me

  13. CDFoster

    Had my procudure done in August 2007, my baby is in Kindergarten. No test for the nickel sensitivity, didn’t even get asked about it.. Found out today I am pregnant..WTH??? Ok if it is guarteented to be 100% effective after 6 months…care to explain what happened??? I got this so I could prevent getting pregnant.. this totally unacceptable….what choices do we have for the accountablitiy ??

    • Nicki

      You had it in 2007 an your pregnant now?! Holy cow! I’m coming up on my five year anniversary and it worries me! I made an appointment this week for the pain I’ve been feeling for almost a week now. I was ovulating last Thursday and that’s when the pain started. I always have pain but it’s manageable until now! Ouch! I’ve even had nose bleeds dizziness, I’m very lethargic, I’m only 26! I’m so afraid they will want me to have a hysterectomy! Let me know how your pregnancy is going after essure? I’m so curious!

    • Chelle

      Did they take the coils out?

  14. Tracy

    I had the Essure procedure done in 2012. I’m experiencing stabbing pains, cramps, backache, heavy periods, constant urge to urinate, pressure and bloating. I’m also having discharge and a smelly odor that seems to be getting worse. I’m thinking I might have an infection from Essure cause I tried Mirena 1st and my body rejected it and I had some of these symtoms such as discharge and discomfort. I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing any or all of these symtoms?

  15. memeb

    I’m sitting here reading and crying. So sad, that I have done this to myself. And happy, that I Have somewhere to go to talk about this. I have experience every side effects that include , Infections, emotional stress, severe cramping, heavy bleeding, back pain, headaches, mood swings, the biggest blood clots I’ve ever experienced. My infections come so often, I no longer want to be touched. I’m searching for a dr to remove it, since my dr. Doesn’t know how. It’s a shame that all of these DOCTORS know how to promote, and put them in yet can’t take them out.

  16. carla toney

    I had the procedure and since that i have had a total of 12 PROCEDURES there after….
    Im looking for someone to take my case

  17. Lenni Wilkins

    Hi I also had the essure put in oct of 2008 I have been having pain on and off I had to have my appendix and a five by five cyst removed back in November 2012 I have really bad headaches, and wake up sweating so bad every morning, mood swings are really bad I don’t enjoy sex anymore because of the pain and I’m so bloated that I look like I’m pregnant. I went to my obgyn that did the procedure and he says its not the essure, I just want my life back I have three wonderful kids that deserve their mom back it’s not fair to them I’m going to a new doctor on June third to see what she has to say I’m also breaking out in hives so bad that I have to use a epipen.

  18. Jaime Chmiel

    I read all of these stories and its as if all of these women are living in my body. I too have had the essure procedure done and regret it greatly. I had to undergo an emergency surgery to have the coils and my tubes removed as well as a small part of my uterus. I had back pain, extremely severe stabbing pain to the point I could barely walk anymore. it was then my doctor saw the need to remove the coils. since the emergency surgery I feel so much better. the only symptom I didn’t have was weight gain. my doctor also tried to talk with the company to reimburse me but failed.

  19. Chelle

    I had Essure on Feb 2008… I am worried to death.. I don’t have any pain or cramps etc… I just have not had a . this month…smh

  20. Calina

    I had my procedure done in 2008 after the birth of my youngey child. In 2011 I found out I was pregnant. The coils came out of my tunes and are now imbedded in bowels. There is no way for them to remove them and thu can’t tell me if there will be any long term problems or complications. Had anyone else had this problem?

  21. cindy tremaine

    there is a awesome page on facebook for all the women going through the essure procedure and all the complications it has caused. these women are awesome and very supportive through this ordeal…

  22. I agree that the Essure Problems Facebook group is a good one to start with. Erin Brackovich has also taken it on as one of her “projects.” There is also a class action petition that was started in January. We can’t let this go – pharmaceutical companies have to be held responsible for their lack of action on known issues, especially ones that lead to issues like those from Essure. It has forced women, many of them very young, into having hysterectomies just to get rid of the pain! How horrible is that??

  23. April

    Have you joined the Facebook group “essure problems” ” essure bad-experience” ? There are thousands of women there who have been through this and many other problems with essure. They are very knowledgeable and helpful with questions like these, because there will sadly be several women who have gone thru exactly this and can definitely answer your questions. There’s also links on that page to file your adverse event report. I hope this helps you.

  24. Debra smith

    hi i went and had the essure put in and just the last few yrs i have been experiancing dizzy spells ,heavy bleeding. pressure like i am pushing a baby out and now i am scared to go back to the doctor because i have two kidds that depend on me to work and i can’t afford insurance to cover every doctor appointment i have medicaid an they put me on a spend down of 350.00 a month i can afford to even cover that please if there is anyone out there that can help all of us women then i believe this would be worth ur fight and to show that there are good lawyers out there ….i got the proceedure done in 2009 and it is 2013 now the doctor said the only option is to cut them out or do a hystorectomy now i am 28yrs old and have never had major surgary i am healthy as a ox all except for the essure implantment …so please hear our voices and give us some justice…

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